Is this sage advice for 1000 posts?

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There are only three things you can do to improve business.

Lead, lift and lever.

The first focal point should be LEADERSHIP.

Leadership is about taking the helm.

Being the captain

Accepting responsibility.

When you lead a business you control its destiny.

There is an ancient saying that applies to all of us who choose to take on a leadership role…

“The fish rots from the head down”

The origins of this saying are obscure but it has roots in many cultures

The first way to grow a business is by leadership.

When that leadership is corrupted or distracted or misguided the rot commences.

I know because I’ve felt the pain of dropping the ball several times when it come to leading my followers, staff and others.

The second key to improving business is using the power of LIFT.

Lifting a business is all about becoming proficient at sales and marketing.

Learning how to acquire and nurture leads.

Networking and building relationships…

…much like I’m doing now.

Some people are good networkers.

I feel I’m not but others tell me I don’t do too badly.

I would always be the person who stood in the corner or avoided approaching people because I was acutely aware of my weaknesses and worried that approaching people would bare my faults to the world.

I did have a split personality in this area because I ended up as president of a Chamber of Commerce with 220 plus members.

….and doing numerous TV, radio and other media appearances because of my world record attempts since I was fourteen.

Nothing can prepare you for closing the Today Show with Caty Couric and Matt Lauer and you throwing a boomerang around Rockefeller Plaza whilst Caty pulls a one-handed catch[

You are always taught to be modest.

You are always taught not to boast or be proud.

Remember Aesops Fables?

"Pride before a fall."

If there is one thing I can pass on in this area is to be strong and be confident.

You are all champions if you decide to be.

The third area to focus on is LEVERAGE

Leverage is the mastery of productivity and efficiency.

The ability to increase outputs whilst minimizing inputs.

In an upcoming product launch that focuses on the key leverage factors I explain why most businesses struggle because they focus on only one of the three profit driving levers..

There needs to be a balance between growth, profitability and liquidity and when you become skilled in managing each of those areas you make that breakthrough that all business owners desire but so few achieve.

Over my years in business I’ve seen so many things and had the good fortune to be mentored and friends with many great business leaders.

I used to think that was by chance but really it was because they recognized my commitment to success.

When you commit to success and start taking solitary steps towards it depite the hardships you may face along the way.

You will feel every step and every stumble.

One day you’ll turn around and realize you have achieved success.

You will reach your goals.

But first you must start.

When you lead, lift and lever your prosperity awaits.

My 1000th and birthday gift to you.

Best regards,

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    Yes, this is sage advice! Nice post, not much needed to be added here other than congrats on the milestone post, happy birthday and thanks for sharing!

    I especially liked the piece about the fish rots from the head, I've made the same mistakes myself and my distractions cost my business. Forever learning I guess.

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    Fantastic! 80% mindset and only 20% mechanics. Starts with being able to lead yourself confidently...
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Best advice I ever got from my mentor Dan Pena was: lead by example.

    If you want your team to put in 200% effort, you got to put in 200% effort.

    If you want your team to do all it takes to achieve goals, you have to do so first.

    Almost all great war leaders were ones that charged first. Not stood 2 miles away from the battlefield, sipping wine and telling their men to charge.

    So, I agree with your post. And congratz on 1000 mate

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    I'm not going to say congrats on 1,000 posts, because that doesn't matter. I remember you sharing value at like post 200 and probably before.

    Leadership, lift, leverage... simple 3 step plan it seems, but executing even the first step is something most people have trouble with.

    Very true words you just shared. Great post.
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    GREAT post! You're a ROCKSTAR! Keep up all the great posts and sharing the knowledge!
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      I would love to hear more of your thoughts on Leverage.

      Marcia Yudkin
      Check out Marcia Yudkin's No-Hype Marketing Academy for courses on copywriting, publicity, infomarketing, marketing plans, naming, and branding - not to mention the popular "Marketing for Introverts" course.
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        Originally Posted by marciayudkin View Post

        I would love to hear more of your thoughts on Leverage.

        Marcia Yudkin
        Thanks Marcia,

        There are many ways to use leverage to improve results.

        When it comes to improving business most people tend to focus more on marketing and improving revenue without paying attention to the two other main areas that they have more control over.

        Reducing their cost of sales and reducing their overheads.

        When you work on all areas you efforts have a huge compounding result.

        Then you need to use the profit gained from the improved results to exert more leverage to create wealth.

        As for improvements in productivity and efficiency I'll share some things I do a little later on.

        This is a video I made to show how leveraging small changes to the three key areas has a big effect on a business bottom line.

        Best regards,

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    Congrats mate
    Ozi Ozi Ozi Ozi oi oi oi

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