How to Make Money with Solo Ads?

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How do I make money with Solo Ads? What is the process like?
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    Make money buying solo ads or selling solo ads?
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      Originally Posted by Joan Altz View Post

      Make money buying solo ads or selling solo ads?

      Hope you have a prosperous 2017!

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    then you need to know how to do some solo ads arbitrage my friend

    pm me ..i've got the best tools to help you ..

    may the force be with you bro

    How to Easily Get 300+ Email Subscribers in the Next 6 Hours
    Why list building no longer works like it used to… and what to do about it

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      Extremely simplified version:

      Pick a niche: Most solos are IM
      Create a Lead Magnet
      Create a Squeeze Page
      Find Some Offers
      Create the beginnings of an Auto Responder Seriesm

      Find a good reputable source of solo ads
      Run traffic
      Split Test Squeeze Page
      Split Test Lead Magnet
      Split Test Auto Responder Series
      Split Test Offers

      Build Your List

      I'm fuzzy on the particulars of this part but basically
      Find whatever tool allows you to automate placing people's ads in your emails
      Set up shop
      Start frequenting gathering places of Solo Ad Sellers
      Sell Solo Ads

      Repeat the process
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    If you're selling solo ads you're basically sending ads to your list. People pay you for clicks. You need to be good at list building here and your list must be responsive. If you're buying solo ads, then you're generating leads and putting those leads through a sales funnel where they'll have the opportunity to buy products/services. It could be your own product/service or an affiliate. You get paid commissions.
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    If you are a solo ads provider, you can make money with Udimi.
    Your success depends on the quality of your list.
    But if you have a list, why don't you promote your own products of other people's ones?

    If you want to make money buying solo ads, create a blog, build a landing page, capture people's emails, and start doing affiliate marketing.
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      When using solo ads for traffic - you have to use a trusted source of solo ads.

      This is where you can burn through cash fast by learning what solo providers you can trust and those you can not.

      The only real way to do this is to spend some money, try different solo providers, and track your results.

      Beware of fraudulent traffic - it is rampant with solo providers as well as almost all other traffic sources excluding the big boys - Google, Yahoo, Bing, FB, etc.

      Udimi is a great source for buying solo ads - the owner does everything imaginable to keep this community clean. If you are going to try a solo ad - Udimi is a great place to do so.

      Good Luck!

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      Hi dandagger,

      Good to see you post questions here! I will try my best to answer you!

      Make money buying solo: have a high conversion squeeze page/ landing page, place a CPA banner on your thank you page as a "bonus" have them input whatever info that the CPA requires.

      Make money selling solo: need I say more? Easy! Sell on solo ads provider sites, OR sell your solos on FB for dirt cheap price for testimonials. When you have enough reviews, then sell your solos for as high as 0.58 if they are high quality clicks T1 of course.

      Kenny wong
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    By the way, I don't understand why solo ads provider are making money by selling clicks rather than monetizing their lists on their own.
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