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Hello fellow Warriors,

I have finally finished the creation of a very high end video Product that I have been working on for + 6 months.

Now I am at the stage where I need to create a high end sales page, sales funnel, and a way to deliver the product to people (private login platform or other way to deliver it).

I am not into hype and want to market my product in a honest and direct way. Ethics are important to me.

What ressources/products/websites, can you recommend that can guide me in a step by step way in terms of what I am looking for?
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    If you are looking to for a service that does funnels is the place to go, they provide a service to create a complete funnel with what you want, the thing is that it is a little bit expensive $99-$297per month, there is also a book called dot com secrets by Russel Brunson where he explains everything about funnels.

    chapter 3 of this guide is about funnels The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation more about optimization than technicall stuff but is still a great thing to consider.
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    For your squeeze/sales page, Clickfunnels can work if you're into a monthly subscription fee to keep it going. Another route would be to use Optimizepress which is a one time fee…

    Or you could go to r and have someone design and create all the pages you need for you for much cheaper as they are all freelancers on those sites.

    I hope that helps and good luck
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    It's SO easy to create a funnel, no you don't need to pay $100+ per month to get a funnel created. You could easily get something designed and use Optimize Press or even nothing and have a developer code your funnel into your payment system, at which point you own it. No paying monthly fee's worrying if you fail to pay do you keep your funnel Clickfunnels is good if you don't want to be bothered with any of that, does it work? Yep! But so does many other ways, being it's your first product, I could think of other things that would increase your ROI for $97 per month over something you can have setup with the help of a designer and developer.
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    thanks guys. I am also looking for info on salespage creation etc if you have some recommendations.

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      Originally Posted by Undercovercash View Post

      thanks guys. I am also looking for info on salespage creation etc if you have some recommendations.
      Best bang for the buck is something like Optimize Press 2 - all drag and drop, I'm sure there are others. It can do so many different things without a monthly fee, not sure why people pay monthly for landing pages...
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    There are few script that you could consider use for sales page.i.e, OptimizePress , Clickfunnels, ThriveThemes, WPProfitbuilder and Instabuilder.

    My recommendation would be OptimizePress and ThriveThemes because easy and doesn't need to pay monthly as your just starting. I would recommend clickfunnel if your sales funnel are complicated. Simple one, use above plugin should be okay. You can refer resource by DigitalMarketer and Kissmetrics for more on optimization.
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    OptimizePress with their membership plugin is an excellent option. They also provide high quality templates to assist in building your pages and funnel. Great support and video tutorials.
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    He is asking some questions and you guys answer just part of them. For the technical creation part you have the software that people mentioned above, but they are useless , unless you know how to build a proper sales funnel. Depends on the budget you have for copywriter, you can either go and search a copywriter that costs only a few hundreds or go with high end copywriters that cost several thousands of dollars.Look though this forum, go on Warriors to hire, search though marketing groups on Facebook..but remember your product might be the next best thing since sliced bread..btu if you don't have your selling message will lose money..Also if you re going for a launch..don't forget to connect with as many affiliates as possible..
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