Paid Traffic, anyone used this network?

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Hey everyone,

About to step my foot into buying traffic and directing it to my Clickbank affiliate links.
Looking around the various PPC networks i'm finding that a lot of the big ones require a $1,000 deposit...or there abouts. Frankly, i don't have that.

Looking around I came across a video promoting a site called
Have any of you guys used it or heard anything about it?

Obviously i need real human traffic that will hopefully convert, to start with i just want to cover the cost of my advertising and then work from there.

Any info?

Thanks, Have a chilled Sunday!
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    I don't know that network but if you research it and decide to test it I would do it this way.

    Beware - Many (maybe even most, other than the big boys (Google, Bing, Yahoo, FB, etc) traffic networks are filled with fraudulent traffic.

    Spend as little as possible on a your 1st campaign.

    Have a ridiculous ad - something like - "Plumbers Z167 Certification In Zambia." This of course is an ad no one would click on.

    If you get lots of clicks - you know the network is no good.

    Yes, you may have spent a little money out of pocket - but you know right away if the traffic is good or B.S.

    Good Luck!

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    Originally Posted by insanemadman1990 View Post

    1)buying traffic and directing it to my Clickbank affiliate links.

    2)site called

    Hey there,

    I don't mean any offence or to burst your making money online dream but in my opinion there are two mistakes with what you have said here above.

    Directing to CB affiliate links doesn't work anymore and you will see maybe a 1-2% conversion at best. Your ROI will not be positive.


    Do I need to say anymore about this one?? HA...Most likely a link farm or traffic bot!
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    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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      No offence taken, thanks for letting me know before i wasted what little money i have. Out of interest, why does it not work anymore? And what would you recommend?
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    Simple logic! Cheap traffic performs always cheap. It will work only if you send that offer to hungry customers. For example if someone is looking desperately to lose weight and if you pop him up with a diet offer, it will work.

    In order to convert a normal visitor, you need to have lander and tell me what your product is going to do to him in landing page, if he is still interested, he will visit your offer and places an order.
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    I don't know where you got your information that the major PPC networks require large deposits. That absolutely is not true. You may be confusing them with PPV networks. The good news is that PPC is of significantly higher quality than PPV and the major networks don't require those high deposits and you can choose your budget.

    But dude, a site called trafficbot - do you really need to even ask that question? And anytime you see a company promising you millions of visitors for a small amount of money, you can be sure it's garbage.

    If you need to build up your budget first, then do some free methods. You can run $5 campaigns on the major PPC networks so you don't need a lot of money to start, but it does take money to gather data, test, and optimize. So you can start small but you will need to invest more money in it.
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    I would stay with Bing and Google if you're just starting out. They don't require large deposits and their platforms are user friendly.
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    Yeah the name of that traffic source explains a lot lawls, honestly wouldn't use it because it's not well known...also yea don't direct people straight to the affiliate have a landing page telling people if they subscribe you will get not only access to the affiliate on the redirect once they opt-in, but also they will receive quality emails monthly or however often you want to email your list.
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    Not sure about that site, but what I am sure is that you're about to make the traditional amateur online marketer mistake of sending traffic directly to an affiliate offer that they are hoping to make money from.

    If you're serious about starting an online affiliate business, you need to be building an email list. So what you should be doing is sending traffic to a squeeze page (a page that collects email addresses in exchange for giving something away) and then send them to the affiliate offer. Once you have their email address you can market to them later as well as email them to go to the affiliate sales page again as well.

    This also gives you a chance to build a relationship with whoever it is. The importance of this is that they will now know, like and trust you. Would you rather buy something from someone you don't know or someone you know, like and trust?

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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