My client just got $5,000,000+ in free ad exposure - here's how.

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During Super Bowl tonight look for "Death Wish Coffee" commercial. Here's why you MUST...

Tonight during Super Bowl 50 over 100,00,000 people will see Mike's Death Wish Coffee advertised during the third quarter of the game in a 30 second TV spot (look for Vikings on a ship).

Mike Brown is the owner of the tiny business that is "Death Wish Coffee" - he is a friend of mine and a mastermind student (I've only ever had 12 mastermind students - we've been working together since 2012).

Here's where your jaw should drop:

HE DIDN'T SPEND A DIME ON THE AD and I CAN TELL YOU HOW WE PULLED IT OFF! Yes, you read that right - the ad spot and the full production expense of the ad are being paid by someone else (in this case Intuit - Quickbooks gets the bill).

The BIG lesson for my fellow "warriors" who choose to pay attention:

The strategies he's been using to grow a massive following online are simple and run COUNTER to what many of us are doing online (wasting a LOT of time and a LOT of money in the process).

I call the strategy Mike is using our "gatekeeper" strategy and it can work on a smaller scale even if you don't have such lofty goals as a paid in full Super Bowl ad for your business.

A "gatekeeper" strategy isn't PPC, SEO, web design or all the other trickery and mad-science of marketing (we've used none of that). Instead it's a simple matter of SEEKING OUT AND BUILDING REAL RELATIONSHIPS with people who ALREADY have the attention of the audience you WISH you had. Read that again if it doesn't make sense. Burn it in your brain. Odds are you are ignoring that strategy entirely.

Business is done by PEOPLE, and PEOPLE OF INFLUENCE are influential for a reason. They are trusted, they deliver value, and they get results. SEEK OUT THOSE PEOPLE AND EARN THEIR TURST. It's a simple shortcut to relevance and results. These influencers are GATEKEEPERS to the audiences that trust them.

That simple "gatekeeper" strategy is the heart of the marketing plan that just landed the SMALLEST company to EVER advertise in the Super Bowl with an ad that costs $5million + significant unknown production costs (they flew dozens of people and equipment overseas just for filming), and Mike didn't pay a dime! In fact, he lived like a king while they gave it all to him.

Further details to blow your mind:

> On search for the generic term "coffee" - look who's kicking butt over Folgers, Maxwell House and TENS OF THOUSANDS of other listings - it's "DEATH WISH COFFEE"! Yeah - they are selling a lot of coffee, and YEAH - we know how to help build a brand.

> Get the full story of how Mike began using the gatekeeper strategy from day one and how it paid off VERY quickly here (it paid off in days - not weeks or months) & SEE THE AD IN THE THIRD QUARTER OR ON THIS PAGE;

(That's not a sales page, just an educational page for you to enjoy and learn from with pics and clips that help tell the story in a way I can't possibly post here)

...and oh yeah -GO BRONCOS!! (Although Cam is very fun to watch!)
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