Is stumbleupon a good place to submit link?

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There was a time when stumbleupon used to sent a lot of traffic to websites. Is it still the case? Is it worth it to submit link to stumbleupon these days? What are other sites where one can submit link and expect some traffic in return?
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    It's not that big of a player anymore, just look at this Google Trends comparison with Twitter and Pinterest. With that said, it really doesn't take long to submit a link to SU so it can't really hurt.
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    The advertising system on StumbleUpon only works well with certain types of content. If you for example are promoting products or services, you might not get the expected or exact results. If your content is not interesting enough, most people will go away in the first few seconds. So you need to be very careful. It might be a good idea to run a test first and proceed on the basis of its resuts.
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    SU was great and gained a lot of popularity but now it has many rivals. But yes, just like what Steve L said it won't hurt. It is still worth the shot. A lot of people at SU are just looking for interesting things and SU tries to show relevant links to the user's interest giving you a much better target-market and traffic. Expect a traffic but not that much.
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    StumbleUpon is always a best option for that..!!
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    I am still using Stumbleupon for bookmarking interesting websites. And the it can provide traffic to your site still you may see it using the Google Analytics.
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    As Morganlp said, It depends on your content. If you are only interested in promoting your products and services, it will not give that much of benefits. You should try to stumble some interesting topics as well from other websites of same niche. You first try to get followers and interesting content to stumble and make your strong profile.
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    I think and as per me Mike Chrest is right and am totally agree with this answer
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    Not really, unless you've got something earth shattering to announce.
    They are certainly not interested in anything IM related there.
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    Its not so much about the traffic as it is the authority backlink it will provide.
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    Yes, but only if you know how to use it which is simple.
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    Hi Usi

    StumbleUpon never sent traffic to your site It is an inanimate object. Cannot do anything on its own LOL.

    If you Stumbled other blogger's posts, and were super generous on SU, more traffic would flow to you. Through your giving. Give. Receive. I love that formula. Works well for me.

    You will never drop a link somewhere and get traffic, because it takes *giving* to *get* anything. Basic law of life. Don't worry; I forgot it too many years ago

    Here's what I do: write 1000 to 10,000 words daily to hone my writing skills. Then I generously promote other bloggers. I guest post. I write thoughtful comments on my blog.

    This is how I get traffic in return. Through Good Old Giving.

    I get more traffic because I give more, thru learning, practicing, and serving others thru a wide range of platforms. Try it; you'll love it
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    I still have some traffic coming from stumbleupon. But only for good posts.
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    I find Stumbleupon good for getting a high quality back link to videos or webpages in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter and any other Social bookmarking sites
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    I use it mostly for backlinking purpose. However i have not really seen much traffic from there to my websites.
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    Going to one site, submitting a link and then sitting back waiting for a ton of people to visit your site just won't happen.

    No matter how many sites you try.

    What you need to do is find (1) online community. Anchor down and start being a part of the community by 'contribution'.

    Lastly...if you do this every day for 3 to 6 months, you will start seeing some traction.

    The gears will start to turn.
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    I have experimented with Stumble Upon for a while with a newly created webpage, but I never got any good hits from it. I think chances are the site is pretty outdated by now, as previously mentioned.
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