Promoting a "problem" product -you don't suffer from?

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Say for example you want to promote a product that helps people with fungus toe nails?, or migraine headaches? Or herpes? What can you do, without lying to potential customers to get them to buy?

What 'story' do you spin or do you simply pump out articles with the information they want?

I'm just wondering as I'm going to launch a site with a problem that people suffer from, and it certainly doesn't apply to me

Thanks in advance

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    Give information, and potentially stories from people with the problem. I had to do some articles on laser hair removal recently, and I happened to know a young lady who's had the process - so I talked to her about it, got her input, and used her experiences in the articles.

    You don't have to lie. Just get the information and provide it.
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      I think the best topic of interest on this matter is to see it from their perspective.. what do they want to hear..

      I don't know anything about weight loss but I know what it feels like to fail, to not know how to succeed, to be taken away from the truth, to not know any tips.. and so on..

      Think like the person, relate to their feelings and assocaite them with your experiences.

      After you've got that part right then feed them tips, that they probably wouldn't know.

      Lastly drive them direct to your web page.


      Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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        When I was involved in MLM (many, many moons ago) the way it was taught
        was simple.

        You talk about your success.

        If you don't have any, you talk about your mentor's success.

        There are people out there who have had the problem and used the
        product (their testimonials should be all over the sales page). You defer
        to THEM. You don't have to have used a product to sell it.

        If that were the case, tons of products being sold in the offline world
        would never be sold.

        Just don't lie.
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    Just because you've never suffered from it yourself doesn't mean you can't provide good information on it. Sure, it would be a bit hard to tell the story of how you got over Problem X, but you don't have to write things like that.

    I'm sure it's easy enough to find out about how other people have gotten over things and just use the things they learnt.

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    Interesting question to pose I used to always have to work a little harder on sites like these promoting products because I never wanted to lie to the potential customers.

    So as others have mentioned offering other people's stories and writing product reviews are a good start. Also writing just generic informational articles and adding a mini review at the end seem to work well with problem related products.

    Affiliate marketing doesn't all have to be able lying to the potential customer, do a little research find out the general stories people have and perhaps re-write them, they are still true.

    Good luck.
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    My last act tonight was to to search on Google for forums related to the problems, and suffice to say, the one I'm looking at returned 27,800,000 broad seach. And 42,2000 for an exact search.

    I'll be looking at them tomorrow at some point and gleaning some information from other peoples' experiences.

    Thank you all for your advice.

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  • Simply channel your reporter skills.

    Write everything as if you are a reporter. That way, you arent lying. Be careful about reviews. Make sure you use an actual review to model yours after.
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