How do you end an Evergreen / Perpetual launch that's on 100% autopilot?

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If you were setting up a 10 day long evergreen/perpetual launch where the launch sequence begins the moment a visitor to your landing page opts in to your list, is there anyway to AUTOMATICALLY end that evergreen launch? What I mean by "end the launch" is that with a normal live launch you send out a series of emails near the end that tells them the launch ends in X hours. And after the launch ended, anyone that tries to visit any of the launch pages would be redirected to a "waiting list" landing page with an optin form that tells them the launch is over but they can optin to be notified when the next launch takes place. With a live launch that's easy to set up with a redirect - but to do that requires one to go in and manually set up the redirects - all of which can't happen with perpetual launches. Or can it?


Is it possible to AUTOMATICALLY set up a redirect like that at the end of an evergreen launch? If so, how? And if you can't do that, and since the impending day and time for the end of a launch is an crucial component to a successful launch, what would you say in your autoresponders about when or how the launch will end? If you say the "launch ends tonight at midnight" and they are still able to access all the pages later then how do you deal with that?

NOTE: I'll be using the OptimizePress 2 Launch Suite with the Perpetual/Evergreen mode ON and with a Gateway Key.

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