Do Google Adsense and Amazon play nice with eachother?

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I'm currently working on a website about some of my favorite animals. I want to monetize it with some Google Adsense but I have yet to implement it. Since I already have Amazon ads on the site, will there be a problem if I put Adsense on the same pages? Is that good practice or should I stick with just one?

I think with Amazon, I could target more specific products but the commission seems pretty low. Nonetheless it seems the better choice for the type of website I'm running. Does anyone have any experience with this and have you ever run both Google and Amazon ads on a single site?
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    It's not that they don't play nice together, it's just that you're giving your visitor too many options.

    Too many options lowers your clickthrough rate on both Amazon and AdSense ads.

    Pick one form of monetization, or goal for each page, if you want to make the most money.
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    if you're using adsense then use adsense only. never use adsense along with other ad network. When you use only adsense then more and more advertisers could go through your site to place heir ads on your domain. #adwords

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    You can use AdSense with Amazon. It's allowed and there's no problem with running both on your site. However, that is a bad idea for making money. Why? I've been testing that myself and I can tell you: Decide straight away what you want to make money with on a particular wbesite! If your site attracts visitors who are not in a buying mood, who are not looking for specific products, but are in search for general info, then put AdSense. If you have visitors looking for products or are very passionate about some subject then use Amazon. Whatever you use don't put too much adds and offers on a particular page. Putting too much offers and ads will make visitors ignore everything! Place two offers or two ads per page, make sure they are well positioned. That's it.
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    Thank you guys. I appreciate the replies. I will work with this to better refine my campaigns. It looks like Amazon it is!
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      Maybe I'm playing devil's advocate but personally I have used Adsense and CPA Offers on one site and it worked very well.

      Maybe for some Sites it won't but I wouldn't rule it out

      - Robert Andrew
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    Yes, it is perfectly fine to use AdSense and other monetization methods, including Amazon on the same site.

    The best method is to use Amazon affiliate text links in articles related to items you can promote on Amazon and use AdSense for display advertising.

    You might want to avoid using both on the same page. Not because it causes a problem with AdSense or Amazon but because they may conflict for traffic.

    If you have information pages or content that is not directly related to an Amazon product place AdSense ads on the hot spots for that page.

    If you have a page that is discussing or reviewing products, use Amazon links instead of AdSense if you want to point to Amazon affiliate links.

    Make sure you tack traffic and conversions so you can optimize. For example, if you have a page that is converting well for Amazon for decent commissions you may want to remove AdSense from that page.

    It is fine to have AdSense ads, Amazon contextual links and CPA banners on a single page too if you want.

    The key is to work on conversions. Track your traffic. Use a heat-map analyzer to see where visitors are looking and clicking.

    If a page is converting well then promote if for traffic. If a page is getting traffic, optimize its affiliate/ad links.
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