What questions would you ask an Internet Marketer 6 Figure Earner???

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If you had the chance, what 3 questions would you ask, a Successful Multi 6 figure earner?

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    1. How did you get started ?
    2. How do you treat your Mom ?
    3. Are you a Coach or a real Internet Marketer?
    ( guys, don't get your panties in wad just a little tongue and
    cheek )
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    1. Why don't you make 7 figures?
    2. Why do you broadcast that you make 6 figures?
    3. Do you think the ability of person A to make a certain amount has a direct bearing on person B being able to make a certain amount?
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    1. If you could have only ever read 1 book, which book would it be?

    2. Which person have you drawn the most influence from?

    3. How do you plan on scaling your operation from 6 figures, to 7 figures?
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    Why would I want to ask them anything, especially if I do not know anything about them. What if they are a professional scammer, then I could end up with really bad information.

    Sorry if this does not help your WSO research


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    Only one question:
    How the hell are you able to earn SIX FIGURES?
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      Originally Posted by dawoodkhan97 View Post

      Only one question:
      How the hell are you able to earn SIX FIGURES?
      In 1996, I was commissioned to find certain kinds of business people, those with 20 years of continuous success. My results were published in an Entrepreneurial newsletter, The NPGS Update Hotline.

      The ONE question which had the largest response from our thousands of readers was this:

      IF you lost everything today, could you repeat or replicate your success and how fast could you do it?

      See, some guys are lucky, or their success is a fluke. Maye they were in the right place at the right time.

      But 10 years or 20 years of CONTINUOUS success beats the flash in the pan or one hit wonder all day long. Not to say a one hit wonder wouldn't be enough, but what you want is...

      REPEATABLE. Duplication of systems, methods and means.

      Long term success shows they keep up with the times, take the WF article writer who made a 6 figure income with article marketing then got a google slap down.

      OOOPPS, there goes 6 figures quickly. And some have NEVER recovered.

      Find continuous success, someone who stays up with changing tech, who is operating on a solid foundation of business expertise and does not have personality in the mix.

      gjabiz (Student of the Masters)

      PS At the top of my list of one man bands with a proven track record and 7 figures a year (at least) of continuous success is...

      Harvey Brody, of TOLL POSITION fame who is now in his 60th year of business success, and his methods work today just as well as they did in the 1950s.
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    1. Can I buy you lunch?

    2. What EPC would you like before referring your clients?

    3. If I could deliver that EPC would you introduce me to your clients?
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