Help monetizing a site with 40k unique a month!

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Hallo, I am trying to monetize a site in the windows/internet/neworks niche but i am having a really hard time.
The site is receiving a lot or real organic traffic from google, I changed the theme to a better ctr theme and tried to optimize everything but I cannot earn more than $120 a month from ads£nse.
The site receives around 1300 unique users a day and 90% is organic traffic.

I should at least earn $1000 a month from this traffic and ad3nce.

I tried using another network like Criteo, but earnings are the same.
I tried grabbing some mail to create a list but users are really not so responsive to anything.
I really don't know what to say, with this great traffic it is a shame i can't monetize it.

The site is well done with great content on how to solve issues on windows.
Do you have any advice or want to propose me a collaboration?
I am looking for an ads3nce optimizer expert to share with him the earnings.
Let me know asap,
there are money to be made!
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    Maybe try to sell something else instead of adsense?

    Some sites have less than 10% of your traffic yet revenue exceeds $1K per day.


    They sell something to people who want something.

    Work on that part.
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    Build a list. Figure out what they want in order to get them onto a list.

    Once added to a list, promote a CPA offer to monetize them right away.

    It's kind of like capturing bees.

    How would you capture bees if you had 40,000 bees buzzing you?

    Well, one thing I would suggest, is to give the bees what they want.

    Offer them honey. Capture those leads.

    Sure, you won't capture all of them.

    But what if you could capture only 1 - 2 %? Would it be worth it?

    I think so. Yeah. Especially if your audience is targeted.

    And, even if it's not targeted, then you want to rotate different lead capture pages.

    So maybe one of your lead baits says something like "Is your computer slow?", then another says "Learn how to program using Visual Studio", then another says "Learn how to make a fortune coding iOS apps".

    And then build a small email funnel around each idea. And, most importantly, see which ones your audience likes the most?

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    Are you an affiliate somewhere? Try adding affiliate links into the text, that way people can go from your website to your affiliate link and make purchases. Recommending products is also a great idea with your affiliate link ofcourse.
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    Maybe you should just get rid of Adsense from your site and add affiliate link/s. I think that you should at least try that out.

    Then leave the affiliate link on your site for a few days and then see what is going on.

    You can even build an email list and send offers to your subscribers.
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    i didn't find any good avice or solution around...
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  • Profile picture of the author Yvon Boulianne
    I still find it incredible to see that much traffic put to waste...

    Msg me and i'll tell you how to fix it very fast and easy so your traffic convert like WOW

    Sorry some secrets can't be said to open forum or the marketing games would be wasted..

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      I've got an idea for monetising this traffic, accom05.

      I'll PM you.
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    I'm not sure if Adsense works that well on tech sites. Take a look on to see how people with sites like yours are monetizing their sites. Perhaps you should be promoting web hosting companies or Udemy courses.
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