Best way to get affiliates to sell your product?

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I operate a product based business and have never used affiliates before but like the idea (dedicated sales reps that work on commission only essentially). Where are the best places to post for people looking for new affiliate opportunities? My niche is parents of children currently under 1 year old if it makes a difference.
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    The first thing you need to do is prove that your product converts. Your not going ot get anybody worthwhile to promote your business if you don't have proven sales.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    • I have sales, where do I advertise to get affiliates?
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      Originally Posted by EPoltrack77 View Post

      The first thing you need to do is prove that your product converts. Your not going ot get anybody worthwhile to promote your business if you don't have proven sales.
      How can one do that with a new product. I hear things like conversion rates and epc as well. How does one get all that information for a new product
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    • Thank you. I am utilizing this approach as well but I was wondering what the big networks are (it's tedious work searching out, researching and targeting the big mommy bloggers individually, I know that's the point). My problem is that a lot of the big ones seem to have ludicrous requirements (send at least $100 worth of free product for a maybe review for example).
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    I think ClickBank is great place to post for people looking for new affiliate opportunities
    Good Luck
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    • Thank you, checking out Clickbank now.
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      Hi Marketing Guy, you may also try Share a Sale and Commission Junction.

      You may also try finding Facebooks related to your product and see what other people are posting there, if you see anyone promoting other sites or offers try to contact them and offer them to promote for you too.

      Hope this help.
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        Best way to get affiliates to sell your product?
        What's in it for them? Other than a commission?

        Be prepared to give affiliates things that will help them promote what you are selling.

        Banner links, some email copy, think about kicking off with contest incentives.

        When you have materials for them, then attack the places you can list.

        You almost have to have a sales letter to sell what you are selling to the affiliates so they can determine if it's a good fit.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    That's great that you're trying to expand your reach for your products! The best way to get affiliates is to list your product on affiliate sites like, jvzoo, click sure, clickbank and other places like that. If an affiliate is interested, they'll pick it up and start promoting it for you.

    On the other hand, if you want to be a little more proactive and you've had at least 1 sale, go to google and search for people who have blogs in your niche. Most of these people will also have an email list they can send out to also. Send them your numbers (how many clicks to get a sale, commission per sale, etc….and yes, you can even use them off that 1 sale) and ask if they would like to promote your product to their list/blog.

    By showing them that they can earn 1 sale for every 5 clicks they send to your offer (and a $20 commissions), they'll definitely start promoting your product! *All of those numbers were made up

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    Get Post Affiliate Pro for $19 a month. Then advertise your affiliate program as a hiring now thing on Craigslist, Backpage, Gfy and whatever else. Or do a Google display ad and have now hiring on your landing page or something. So the stay at home moms may feel that it works and they can sell it.

    Or just email your customers and ask if they would like to make side money selling your product.

    Then use the Pap to manage your affiliates and sub affiliates. Make sure your affiliates are rewarded when signing up new affiliates as well. Good luck.
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    Hire a VA to find top sellers on JVZoo

    Contact those people

    Give them free review copies of your product

    Ask them to mail their lists about your product in exchange for a FAT COMMISSION

    Offer to write the review email yourself

    This shouldn't cost more than $25 with a VA.
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    Limited Time bonus: Get 2 Email Blasts For the price of 1
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    Go to WAR with your competitors

    Start digging around and look at your competitors who also have an affiliate program running. Find out who is promoting your competitors and prove to those affiliates you have great conversion rates. Contact them directly and `sell`them on affiliating with you instead. (higher profilt margins, more promotional materials, better conversion rates, an active affiliate manager, etc.)

    It`s tedious work but you can find super affiliates this way instead of wasting your time trying to get just anybody to sign up and promote your products/services.
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    Here are some tips on how to find new affiliates:

    How do you find affiliates?

    Make sure you give them all of the selling and marketing tools that they need to simply and easily promote your products. 96% of them won't bother to create anything. Just a straight direct link. Your goal is to focus on the 4% who will bring in the most money.
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