Ohhhhh The Publicity!

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I appreciate your patience as I've been asking quite a few questions lately. I'll get right to the point. I had my first taste of TRUE traffic a few months ago. I managed to land a spot on a small radio show, and there was such a rush of traffic to my site, my host nearly shut me down, and I received more emails than I could respond to in 3 days. (Nearly 1,000 email requests)

It was simply incredible, and after beefing up the site, the hosting plan, and the adcopy, I'm ready for more. I have a product that to be honest, lends itself quite well to publicity - Newspapers, television news, radio, writeups, blog reviews, newsletter writeups, etc. (Very interested in getting blog reviews and enwsletter reviews from those in a simlar field with a large audience)

It's the nature of the product that generates so much interest, and I'd like to go on a media blitz very soon. So my question is, what can you recommend as a good resource for learning how to get publicity? I landed the radio show because of a great connection I have, and unfortunately that was a 1 time shot.

I've been searching the archives and I've heard that Paul Hartunian seems to be the resident expert here. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which of his products to purchase, as most seem to to be the similar, or the same - and I have little experience in this area, so I'm not sure if it's a good buy, and up to date or not?

I know publicity is rarely talked about on this board when compared to "marketing" in general, but after having my first taste of the server crashing rush, and a 700% jump in sales nearly over-night, I'd love a few repeats this year. Heck, if I had 2 - 3 incidents like this a year, I'd have my best year yet, and I can see this realistically happening if I can study up on the subject, and formulate a plan of attack.

Thanks again for weathering my endless requests. Still my favorite forum on the web!
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