NEW Squidoo Categories and How to Cash In

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Hi Warriors!

I wanted to share with those who may not know yet, but Squidoo launched several new categories – here they are as well as what purpose they may serve you:

1.) Books – I believe someone said more books are sold on Squidoo than anything else. And judging from my Amazon associate stats, I believe it!

2.) About me – Branding and authority in your niche. ‘Nuff said.

3.) Humor – Not sure how this can be applied, but possible politics or commission on action based programs?

4.) Home & Garden – a big niche in itself, promote tangible gardening or home items or eBooks on the topics from PDC and CB

5.) Religion & Spirituality – Lots of main niche topics are tied into spirituality, such as marriage and weight loss. Combine the two for a narrow target audience niche lens and sell tangibles (motivational journals) or eBooks

6.) Work at Home – yes, we have our OWN bona fide category. Possibilities are endless here – IM, MLM, you name it.

7.) Green Living – everyone’s into this topic now. Goes well with water for gas lenses, gardening, parenting, etc.

8.) Pop Culture & Celebs – sell books, collectibles, or cash in on traffic form scandals – I love it!

9.) Squidoo How To – Promote Squidoo products (there’s plenty of them out there)

10.) Duels – start a debate – this is kind of like Monkeybrain. Get people fired up about a topic like smoking in public and promote smoking cessation products on it.

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