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Conversions are superb in the little time so far at over 20% but horrible commissions, with just $4 credited. Should I continue? Even at 6% (if you generate more than five sales in a month), you are only looking at $6 if orders total $100. Is this worth it? I used to make $200 to $350 from just five or six sales promoting products directly from the same spot where I now have Amazon. They offered a very generous 40-50%. The reason I stopped is because their conversions have dropped. The affiliate network behind those products supposedly shave sales.
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    you should continue.. some people might end up purchasing other stuff along with it and that will jack up the commission

    Or they might revisit later that week and buy something for couple hundred dollars

    You'll never know!
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      Originally Posted by misterkailo View Post

      you should continue.. some people might end up purchasing other stuff along with it and that will jack up the commission

      Or they might revisit later that week and buy something for couple hundred dollars

      You'll never know!
      Amazon has only a 24hr cookie.
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    That is why i stay away from amazon, the commission rates are ridiculously low!
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    Should you continue?

    There's a simple way to answer that.

    Using the same traffic source, how much money in commissions did you consistently make every month when promoting the other products?

    Now compare that to how much money you make in a month with the same traffic by promoting Amazon products.

    Granted, there are variables that can come into play but assuming all things are constant, the products which yield you higher earnings should be the ones you promote.

    Sometimes you make more money by promoting Amazon products if they sell in high volume, or you might make more from another product that doesn't convert as well but the commission compensates for the lack of units sold.

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    Try another affiliate program. Amazon commission is really low. Go to shareasale and see if you have any companies that offer similar products.

    All the best.
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    Your previous affiliate program was making you $200-$350? Do not continue to use Amazon. Instead, if there isn't another affiliate program in your niche (I'm assuming not) then why not look at selling these items yourself? If they're physical items, you can find a supplier to manufacturer them for you, and fulfil the order through Amazon, AND you can promote your own products using your Amazon affiliate link. If they're digital products, even better, just create them yourself. I'm assuming they're digital products because of the 40-50% commission, or perhaps supplements. Both of these sorts of products are easy to create yourself, and you've got a guaranteed buyer market.
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    The key to making money as an Amazon affiliate is high volumes. I only earn an average of $5 per commission but since I get about 400 orders per month it turns into $2,000 per month. Amazon is especially good during the holidays since so many people buy gifts on Amazon and you get commissions for anything they buy during the 24-hour cookie, not just the item you linked to.
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    Hi Anton,

    The only way you can crack high on Amazon is getting a strong blog in place with loads of informative content and Amazon products present all over.

    I would advise you to take reference of - All About iPhone, iPad, iOS and Apple Watch. They have done a good job by providing reviews on Apple products and capitalizing with great content.


    Chintan Mehta

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    Thanks for all the the feedback. As someone rightly suggested, I think it's a matter of getting a lot of traffic. The conversions are always going to be much better with Amazon than with other merchants I think. The reason for this is that Amazon offers two shots at conversion as opposed to one with other merchants. If someone clicks through to Amazon then it's a sign they are in a sort of a buying mood already. And the fact that Amazon has very trusted user reviews seals the deal, which is something other merchants aren't able to replicate. The Native Ads widget is very good. However, it's too precise for my liking. If it can't find a product very contextual to the page then it ends up showing nothing at all. I only get served ads about 20-30% of the time. I use a full quota of eight slots. Should I be using four? Would this improve fill rate? Or should I just go with custom rather than the recommendation option? Custom is where you choose the products yourself from Amazon catalogue, either four or eight. The site is a quite a niche site and Amazon has loads of products for it. Also, I have used various keywords to fall back on and yet they don't seem to help much. By the way, do you separate each fall back keyword with a comma?

    As a matter of fact, I did contact the merchant of the best selling product to see if I could sell directly. But they have minimum 1000 unit order. Too much risk with such a large stock. I asked if drop shipping was available, no was the answer.
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    go to warrior plus and look up products by "sojourn" aka Erica Stone. You might just look at the amazon associates program differently

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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