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Just came across this ugly looking banner here and it definately prompted me to want to click it.

It was different than all of the other fluffly rubbish I see here.

Has anyone had success with ugly banners?

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    If you use your creativity through ugliness. It might work.
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    I have come across a lot of them. They suck like hell. Such banners might click with desperate people but not meant for intelligent audience.


    Chintan Mehta

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    It is just your perspective ,May be it is not ugly for others ,For me it is a nice banner as it is able to tell what it is supposed to say

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    The most effective banner ads have one thing in common... they entice people.

    Now, some things which are enticing to some people may not entice others but there are always a few common denominators:

    - they stand out / catch people's eyes (this could be due to color scheme, design - this is where ugly stands out, heh)

    - they make a short but irresistible claim that makes the intended audience feel very compelled to click; this could be an incredible benefit, something controversial, something that stirs curiosity

    - they have a wide appeal to that targeted audience (this is crucial as most banner advertising is done on a cost-per-impression basis)

    In the case of the banner the OP shared, it certainly sticks out (because it's "ugly" and uses red text, which is hard to miss) and it also makes an appealing offer; many newbie marketers would LOVE a done-for-you funnel!

    How effectively that banner works, I cannot say.

    But I will say this.

    It will likely get more clicks than most polished looking banners you might see affiliates plastering on their websites.

    Thanks for the share, Zodiax!

    It's always fun to discuss ugly vs pretty elements in marketing.

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    Well I clicked it but I am easily coerced whether it is ugly or not.
    I think that what the banner is promoting and how busy the banner is makes the difference. This banner is very concise as to what it has to offer so it is a no brainer to click.
    I love the KISS mentality
    Thanks for the post
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    Never tried using one, but I can imagine they could work because it would "shock" people into getting their attention, i.e., it is something unexpected.
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    Banners that flicker and stand out like a sore thumb scream desparation and don't get clicked on as much. The secret is to have the banner blend in with the overall look and feel of the website...that will get you a better click-through rate...
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