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Hey. Well its been a while since I've written something really useful on this forum, lol.

So let me share with you an idea I came up with, and am currently implementing. It's to do with generating ideas for writing articles. I'm guessing loads of you already use this idea, but I thought I'll share it with you.

Well, firsly, head over to google news. This damn place uses 4500 freaking sources! And it is also continuosly updated.

Then just type in keywords related to your niche.

While I've not tried this for a lot of niches, I'm quite sure you will be able to find articles that are related to your niche. And since this is updated news, what you find from google news is something you are unlikely to find on ezinearticles or wherever. Now I'm not telling you to copy the article from there. But all you need to do is expand on it. Get your idea for the article from there and come up with one. It's pretty damn simple!

I found an article on google news from which I can write atleast 3 different articles, at minimum. My guess is I can probably write about 6 new articles from the main ideas shared in this one article.

Well hope this helps someone or the other!

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