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So what happens if a visitor goes to a number of these sites and visits Amazon from a number of sites. Who gets the commission if the said visitor makes purchase ssy the following day?

Also generally, if there are lots of other Amazon sites, is it worth bothering? Because of the presence of many sites, all the info customer needs is there.There is not much else to add. I would assuse though ranking for these sites would be potentially easier.
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    If a visitor goes to a number of sites, the website which the visitor last visited gets the commission.

    For your second question, it depends on how good those sites are and what your marketing strategy is. If you think you can add more value and provide more in-depth detail about the products within the niche then it's worth bothering. For certain niches, there might be lots of sites ranking for main keywords, such as 'niche name + reviews', but there will be long tail keywords that you can also rank for.

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    The last site that was visited will get the commission.

    I always think competition is a good thing. It means the market is hot! The space continuously changes and with so many different traffic sources these days, there will always be small spaces to capitalize on.
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      The other posts are correct. The last site visited gets the commission. Make your site better than the others and create calls to action so they make the purchase when they visit your site!
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