Is Kindle Publishing Too Saturated? ANSWER INSIDE

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A lot of people ask me if Kindle publishing is too saturated...I always tell them that it is not but some people choose not to believe me and try another method to make money online ( which is a mistake IMO because Kindle is by far the easiest and fastest way to make money online).

So is it still possible to make a lot of money with Kindle Publishing? The answer is YES.

I'm going to tell you the exact same thing I tell all my clients; It is impossible for Kindle to become too competitive. There will ALWAYS be new lucrative Niches out there, ALWAYS.

Why? Really simple : The world is always changing...There will always be a new trend out there, a new technology, a new movie, a new game, a new type of food, a new celebrity or a new politician, etc....The main mistake newbies make when trying to find a good niche is to search for the obvious ones : Self-esteem, success, happiness, etc etc...They search for 5 minutes then give up, come on the warrior forum and complain how Kindle is too competitive. The fact is more and more people are quitting their jobs everyday because they make too much money with Kindle!

It will NEVER be saturated. NEVER. When Minecraft became a big hit, all of a sudden this niche became amazingly good on Kindle. At some point I had about 20 books all making over $1000 per month in this niche.

Right now is election time in the U.S, and there are a huge market for books on the the people in the election race...You see a pattern here? The world is always changing, which means there are literally UNLIMITED NICHES OUT THERE.

I wrote this post because I'm SO TIRED of people complaining about something that is absolutely not true at all. There are unlimited niches out there....and i'm not even going to talk about how to crush the competition by having good keywords, good marketing, good book optimization etc etc.

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  • No it's not, there are new things and new ideas and new concepts and new technology each and every day that people want to read about and if you are an expert (or perceived) you can kindle about it, I make money on Kindle it works and this and next year I'm going to make more ebooks on Kindle it's the way to go (at least for me) even that it's a small part of my portfolio I plan to make it bigger over the years (and it's more passive that is what I like about it).
    soon people... Relax...
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    Kindle or not, but people will surely keep reading.
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      Ever heard the term "first world problems"?

      Basically, people always have problems. When all problems get solved, new problems will arise.

      Most of the Western world is connected to the Internet. They have access to capital, utilities, and opportunity.

      And yet, all of this has brought on a new set of problems.

      Massive amounts of debt. Constantly distracted by Facebook. Laziness. Etc.

      So you see, as old problems are solved new problems arise.

      Writing nonfiction Kindle books will never be saturated for this very reason. As soon as everybody in the world becomes skinny, a new genre will arise:

      "How to stay skinny AND healthy without malnourishing yourself"


      Point is, there will always be problems to solve. Always.

      We are a species of problems.
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    Absolutely true! And even if a niche seems to be satured - You can be successful if you provide the quality that is required in this niche to suceed. And if you can't provide this quality you should go deeper in that niche.

    Problem is: Most people are going directly into the wide niches because there is the big money. They expect too much but they've no experience and they're not able to compete with the big players. Then they are wondering why they don't make any cent while you're making $1k+ per book in that niche. They just see your results but not your efforts. Everyone has to start small, published crappy books, made mistakes, learned from it etc. to be on this (successful) level where they are today. Most beginners think that they can skip this part. They want to start on your level, making $1k+ per book like you, 10, 20, 30k per month etc. But if it doesn't happen (quickly) they say: "You've just luck. You've a secret that you don't share with me." etc. and they give up.

    But even a successful person has to fail again and again to climb on the next level and @MValmont maybe that's your learning to reach the next level: Don't waste your time with people who'll never understand what's necessary to be successful. Those people should firstly develop their mindset/personality before you can teach them anything.
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    "Kindle Publishing is saturated!"

    "Affiliate marketing is too competitive!"

    "Freelancing is only good for chump change!"

    Heh, guess everything is too difficult to make a decent living with these days, eh?

    It's the same tired nonsense you hear all the time.

    The truth of the matter, though, is that you can make decent money (or a lot) in even "saturated" markets if you can stand out from the competition by having a superior product (or proposal, in the case of affiliate marketing) and better promotional/marketing skills.

    In most cases, looking better than the competition isn't as hard you might think.

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