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i have heard that content is the king. so how to build good content ?
and what strategy do i have to apply ?
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    Locate the most shared content (in your niche) on buzzsumo. Do your research, and then upgrade the content by adding higher quality content of your own: can be just text or graphics, videos.

    Now you get high quality content which is already a winner.
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    Pay someone to write the content for you. And use your time to focus on growing your business.
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    Good content should be something on your chosen niche that's helps others. It doesn't always have to be original. It can be something you've heard before, but said in a way that connects with your audience. Rule of thump if your not giving anything of value to your audience than the content isn't any good.
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    Originally Posted by mathompson View Post

    . . . how to build good content?
    and what strategy do i have to apply ?

    There is no one set strategy for building great content. But there are four rules you should apply regardless of the strategies you use:
    1. Always make the content of the highest quality
    2. The content has to be relevant to your niche
    3. The content should be unique. Even if you quote someone or use portions of PLR, or whatever, you should add your own "voice" and analysis or commentary to it - brand it as "yours"
    4. It goes without saying that the content should be helpful and of value to the prospects in your niche
    So many people build content on the assumption that they know and understand what their readers want. You don't know for sure. You are only guessing unless you ask your subscribers and prospects what they would like, what they need help with, what struggles or desires they have that are going unmet.

    IMO, the very best content is the content that you produce yourself. You can make it relevant, totally entertaining or enticing, and you can use it to lead into your paid products or services that you offer.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Whatever your niche is search out articles on it. Buy books and products on it if you can. Get to know it so well it becomes your own. Then you can put your own personality into your content.

    For the time being I would look at some legit blogs, articles and videos on your area of interest and reword them as your own. But, if you can invest the time into really getting to know your stuff, customers or fans will love you for it
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      Is how I use content:

      In order to make a sale to a random person on the Internet, you need to move them from coal traffic to warm traffic to hot traffic.

      When they first stumble upon your stuff, they have no idea who you are. That's called traffic.

      The second they click that by now button, they are in the hot traffic zone.

      One of the easiest ways to move them from cold to hot is to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge consistently and persistently.

      I personally like to create client case study/experiment case study blog posts PLUS industry related rants/opinions PLUS opinion Roundup pieces.

      I then run paid traffic to those pieces of content and then retarget all th the visitors of that content with more related blog posts/lead magnetetc.

      This process is not new. As far as I can tell, it's at least 70 to 80 years old (Ed Mayer did it really well with direct mail).

      Think about purchasing a car.

      At first, if you're like most people, you don't really know specifically what kind of car you want.

      So perhaps you go online and read reviews, you watch YouTube videos etc. you do a lot of information gathering.

      Good content will catch people during that information gathering process and push them closer and closer towards the email Optin. As lots of different techniques and strategies for doing that, but you get the idea.

      Content is king inasmuch as it moves the reader from cold to warm to hot.

      Content for entertainment's sake is pretty much a waste of writing time.
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    Hi there,

    I have recently written a blog post about what is great content and how can you create great content.

    If I were to summarize, I will say that there are 2 most important factors to great content:

    1) Laser targeted audience. Be very specific who you are writing to. A great content for one person might not be a good content for the other. Whenever I write, I always write with 1 person in mind. Strive to be great for 1 person, rather than mediocre for thousands.

    2) Actionable. Great contents make your reader feel pumped to do something right away after reading. In order to do that, you have to provide a step-by-step detailed guide. For example, rather than telling your readers that they need to create a blog and why, you should include how to decide on the target audience, how to find topic, how to write great content, how to promote it. The "how" is extremely important in great content.

    In the article, I have provided a step-by-step guide on how to implement 17 techniques to make your content great. Believe it should be able to help you to create great content.
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      I would add to what other have said that it helps a lot if you have an interest in what you're creating content about. Some marketers would say 'passionate' about what you're sharing, but 'interested' would also be applicable.

      Writing blog posts and creating videos are the most common methods. If you don't have any skills in those areas you can outsource them assuming you have some sort of budget.

      Other options include Infographic creation and creating slides. If you have a gift for gab you can do webinars, Podcasts, Blab or Periscope presentations.

      One useful tip that I have found helpful is that all of your content can be renewed and reworked into most of these content creation methods and can be a time-saver as well as a way to get visitors from a variety of different platforms.
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    You already have some great suggestions, let me just add this one: Keep an eye on the biggest websites in your industry. See what are they writing about, this is a good way of getting new ideas for your own posts.

    Look for the best blog posts, find ways to improve them, and write the most complete post possible.
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    'Content' seems to be the new buzzword in the last few days with threads, lol. As far as all of the standard answers of things like, "it has to be good/relevant/etc.," well, in 2016, that is the price of admission. It starts there, but there is much more. Well, actually, it starts out before that, with you defining your goals from your content. Are you looking for:

    • More leads
    • Better nurturing of leads
    • Establishing yourself as a thought leader/expert in the field
    • SEO benefits over the course of time
    • Higher conversions from PPC and a landing page
    • Etc.
    You also need to figure out things like who your target audience is, the types of content you can create (or pay for), how often you are going to produce content, your distribution channels for it, etc.

    Content isn't enough, anymore, in general (well, we are quickly approaching that point, if not yet there). It needs to be backed with forethought and strategy, too ...
    One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain't nothing can beat teamwork.

    - Seldom Seen Smith
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    Writing good content comes from practice. You have to want to put the time in to become a good writer. I would start off by writing 1, 500-word article per day on a subject in your niche. Don't use article spinners. If you find that you can't write 1, 500 word article within a 24-hour time period..... outsource and hire a content writer.
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    Originally Posted by mathompson View Post

    i have heard that content is the king. so how to build good content ?
    and what strategy do i have to apply ?
    Content is not KING. You can have the greatest content in the world but if no one sees it, what good will that be.

    Content is actually Queen.

    'Marketing and Promotion' is actually King.

    Make sure that you learn how to promote your content so real people can view it (and share it).

    Google and the other search engines will reward you only after you don't need them.
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    Yes, It is essential for every website to have unique and relevant content. Here are a few other pointers that can help you out.

    1. Make sure the article is more lengthy, around 750 words. If the article is less than 500 words the quality goes down.

    2. Put keywords that you are trying to target on the top of your article(do not put too much backlinks though), one or two is enough.

    3. Use H1 titles and H2 for subtitles, this will make it easier for google crawlers to scan the article and in turn index it faster than normal.

    Good Luck.
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    You should generate unique content which is relevant for you audience. You shouldn't write only about your brand/product. It must just some useful posts with some posts about your products.
    We can divide the content on 4 parts:
    1. Brand - showman - it's entertaining content
    2. Brand teacher - some useful advices
    3. Brand helper - some life hacks
    4. Favourite brand - posts about your product (no more than 20% of all content)

    You can also find some useful tips here - https://blog.kissmetrics.com/ingredi...great-content/
    Hope it helps
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    Originally Posted by mathompson View Post

    i have heard that content is the king. so how to build good content ?
    and what strategy do i have to apply ?
    You contradict yourself with that question, content is king and strategy? opposing words.

    Just be yourself, and write content you love from the heart..

    Just be yourself..works for me


    "Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache" (Mae West)

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    do research

    read authority blogs in your niche

    observe their top content ..most read ..

    then do content curation

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    Search on Google latest content related to your website and create your own blog.Make sure your content should not be duplicate.After writing content post it on high pr blog posting site s to get website ranking and promotion.
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    When you're creating content, do all you can to try and ensure that your content is original. It's ok to get ideas from other places, as long as you're not copying and pasting, and you're giving credit where it's due.

    If you can't do that, take an existing article and rewrite it entirely. Keep the same basic idea, but rewrite the whole thing in your own words. This lacks originality, but is still considered unique, as it most likely won't be found anywhere else, as you've rewritten the original text.

    Original is better, but unique is good. If your content is not unique, Google will ignore you at best, actively downgrade your traffic, or worst of all, leave you languishing somewhere on page 113 of the search results.

    Create unique, proofread, high-quality content with Articoolo

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