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Hi there,

I joined WF back in september 2015 but hadn't really been active until now.

Recently, I've been looking for a consistent proven way to make a minimum of USD $1000/mth.

At the moment I only have $7 stp to invest but I am willing to take all suggestions as to how I can go about making a minimum of USD $1000/mth this year.

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    Originally Posted by jini10kbiz View Post

    I am willing to take all suggestions as to how I can go about making a minimum of USD $1000/mth this year.

    May I direct you to this thread ...

    What to do if you're desperate

    Good luck,


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    In this case, Free Traffic IMO is the way to go!

    There have been a number of products released lately about affiliate marketing with free traffic. Try to find a legit one and focus on it.

    Some methods will deliver fast results, while some might take months, but as long as it's legit it will be worth the wait.
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    Thanks Steve, will look into it asap.

    I am always open to suggestions as to how to make money online.

    I am a huge believer in multiple streams of income so please feel free to suggest online businesses that are working for you (that goes for everyone reading this thread). Thanks.
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    Thanks Dave. I've been doing a lot of research this past week/month as to ways to make money online legitimately. I dont mind putting in the work as I know if it's legit it will require work. I even dont mind investing once I see it's making me money. Like I told Steve, I am always looking for legitimate ways to making money online as I am into multiple streams of income.

    Btw, you guys are awesome. Really fast and really helpful responses.
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    There is a lot of info out there, some totally wrong and some good. Just absorb as much knowledge as you can about marketing, sales and direct response copy (3 profitable skills in business) and take action on as much profitable knowledge as you can.
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    Can you design? Write content? Know a little programming? Good with wordpress? If yes, then you can make money today.

    If you have no money to start and want immediate cash, your best option is to freelance. Save up some cash and then invest it into your business plan.

    If you don't want to freelance and want to jump right into things with only $7, then I'd go the free blog route for the time being. Start churning out articles in your niche and slap some adsense on your blogs. It's not going to be immediate results but it will get you started.

    Also, you could use social media. Start a facebook page and make viral posts. Get a bunch of fans/readers and monetize it. Again, it's not going to be an overnight success but with some hard work and posting every day, you could make it work.
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      If you need the money fast, then start freelancing.

      Jump on Fiverr AND Upwork AND start a thread here in the Warrior Forum classifieds.

      Hustle or be hustled.

      Figure out what you can do that will bring value to other people. Price competitively (because chances are you only have commodity level skills at the moment). Don't give up.

      If you don't need the money fast, then I recommend writing Kindle fiction books or getting into the information marketing world. Steer clear of IM/MMO world until you've actually made some money. Choose an easier niche. Work like your life depends on it.

      Don't give up.
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    Build a list and provide value. Be good to your list and they shall be good back. Very few people buy on the first time. I make over 70% of my income comes from my subscribers. It's all a numbers game!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Start with fiverr, Earn enough money to invest then get your feet wet in IM
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    I'd highly recommend you start out with affiliate marketing.

    Find free ways to promote high converting offers.

    If you make a buck here and there, get an autoresponder, squeeze page and review blog.

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money without having money.
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      I would start with affiliate marketing. Everything is already done for you, you just have to drive traffic to your offer.

      For more IM tips and strategies check out:


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    $1000/month isn't as easy as it sounds. What's different in your marketing philosophy and ideology in September 2015 versus now?
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    You are in the right place. Here there are many expert, you will be able to learn the IM easily by expert. So you need to touch with the forum. Thanks for your advance


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    I just shared the formula for online succes on a different thread.

    Here it is again;

    1) Build a List
    2) Build a Relationship
    3) Monetize

    Find someone who will teach you this properly and do these steps daily.

    --- Connect With Me Online ----
    Blog: www.carldavies.net
    Facebook: facebook.com/carldaviescom
    Twitter: twitter.com/carldaviescom

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      If you have any skill you can try to monetize them quickly as a freelancer. So if you can build a website or write good content, you might want to start there.

      You can also start promoting some good products as an affiliate. And since you have this monthly goal, you might want to promote memberships that pay you monthly commissions, instead of promoting standard products where you only get the commission once.
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