Corp, LLC, or Sole Proprietor?

by ED1190
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In terms of registering a name for this kind of business, it seems quite a few have LLC, but wouldn't a corp or even sole proprietor make more sense?

Right now, I'm making my money through e-mail marketing/product creation (launching products on WarriorPlus). I also plan to hopefully make money through PPC + Bing Ads in the future.

It would seem to me that having an LLC name would be if there's risk involved (ie. like a construction company).

Also, is it possible to register in another state without needing an address or going to the state itself? I live in New York, but want to register a name in either Delaware or Nevada.

Thank you!

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    I would normally just ask an accountant. Each have their own pros and cons.
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  • I would ask an accountant or lawyer that question, rather than asking here. That's an important decision to make, and there are crucial differences between them. Just for the record, I'm an LLC, too.
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    Definitely talk to an accountant and a lawyer.

    I've had an LLC before and I'm currently a sole proprietor.

    The benefits of being a sole proprietor are how easy it is. All my tax stuff is filed along with my personal taxes. There's no setup costs or registration fees with the government. You can start immediately.

    An LLC does have more tax advantages and is a separate entity from you. But it's also a little more complicated to run and you'll need an accountant to help.

    Again, seek the advice of an accountant and lawyer, as your needs might fit one or the other better.

    Hope this helps.
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      Broken record warning...

      Talk to someone who gets paid for giving the right answers based on your own specific situation.

      Unless you're the type of person who'd take medical advice from the homeless guy on the subway.
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    They are easy to set up regardless if your in another state.

    Also check out Wyoming, a good site is: Details on Wyoming Incorporation and the Advantages over a Nevada Corporation |

    I now live in Florida and Florida has no state taxes, low fee's and the only thing is that privacy isn't as good.However, it's never been an issue, so I just stick with FL LLC's now.
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    This is a question best suited for an accountant or attorney. Generally LLC is a partnership. Mine is an S Corp.
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    According to me, you need to have the validity. If you do not have ab address, how it is worked? so it is not possible without having any address. Thanks for your advance.
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