How long did you go before getting a coach?

by rudez
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How long did you go before getting a coach and what did it do for your business?
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    Too long.

    At first I was trying to figure everything out by myself but I lost way too many time by doing this. The best thing a newbie can make is to follow a good system and stick to it.

    A mentor can help also, but a good coaching program should be enough.
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      Originally Posted by MValmont View Post

      Too long.

      At first I was trying to figure everything out by myself but I lost way too many time by doing this. The best thing a newbie can make is to follow a good system and stick to it.

      A mentor can help also, but a good coaching program should be enough.
      I totally agree.. Was in the same boat. Then I got the mentor, coach and program. And now know exactly what to focus on!
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    A long time and I wish I would have done it sooner. Everyone needs a coach for a different reason. For me in the beginning it was about confidence. I had all the abilities and skills but I lacked the confidence to get things going. Having a respected coach encourage you and push you out of your comfort zone can really help. Another benefit for me was I started in a pay as you go monthly coaching program. I knew I had to hit my goals every month to pay for coaching. This forced me to keep going.

    Make sure you do your research . Find someone that puts out good products and you like there training. Then see if they have a coaching program. Don't go all in on a coach without doing your research!
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      Like everyone else has already said, I waited way too long.

      It took me even longer to find a GOOD coach.

      For me, the greatest thing about hiring a coach is having someone to kill my fears for me.

      Sometimes, I'll have this idea in my head like, "will this kind of strategy work?"

      And before I had a coach, that simple question would stop me dead in my tracks. I just wouldn't move forward.

      Now, I can ask one of my (multiple) coaches, and they can provide insights and advice.

      That being said, that means that the best coaches (at least for me) have been the ones who have been honest. Especially honest about me and my abilities.
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      Originally Posted by wfletch24 View Post

      Everyone needs a coach for a different reason.
      I disagree. That's a blanket statement and simply doesn't apply in many cases. I've never had a coach, and neither has any successful business person I know - or at least know well.

      Back in the offline days, embryonic entrepreneurs would often be taken under the wing of a mentor, but that's using the term in the traditional sense of a senior person (usually in the same or similar organisation) who'd advise the mentee in an informal, non-paid capacity. These days the terms "coach" and "mentor" are often used synonymously.

      Perhaps because of that background, I remain suspicious of the idea of professional business coaches. Partly it's because I tend to think that natural entrepreneurs, almost by definition, are people who'd rather work things out on their own initiative, and then just get on with it. And partly, it's industry based - in that within internet marketing, there seems to be a disproportionate number of opportunistic "coaches" attempting to make money by teaching others how to make money.

      The dangers don't end there. Even the obviously successful aren't always blessed with the ability to coach - which itself is a specialist skill. Professional teachers, after all, spend several years in training.

      The best coaches are just as adept - perhaps more so - at understanding the psychology of their students and their individual learning capacities, as they are at their particular business skill. For that reason, programs claiming to coach large groups of students remotely or with minimal personal contact can only be effective on the most basic of levels.

      If you find a great coach who you believe can help you progress, good luck to you. But if you're putting off starting a business until some magic mentor appears in your life, you should instead, perhaps, examine your own self-confidence and motivation.

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        Agree so much with Frank Donovan above.

        I've never had a coach. Also never had a mentor in the way that most people in the WF mean it. But I certainly have had a few mentors throughout my career. These were usually bosses, coworkers, friends or family who were better at something than I was, but who I could rely upon for help, tips and guidance when I got stuck. In particular I remember one of the VPs in the IT department where I first worked who gave me programming lessons when I was getting started as a young developer.

        I should note that in none of these cases did I pay for a mentor -- in fact, since many of these mentors were at my workplace, usually I was the one getting paid. I'll also say that these weren't "hold hold my hand and tell me what to do step by step" relationships. I put a lot of effort in on my own, spending late nights working, reading books and documentation and just trying things out on my own. And the truth is I think it's this self-direction that brought me to the attention of my best mentors. They recognized that I was a hard worker and that I had talent and so they were willing to invest their own time in me.

        To me, this is the best type of mentorship. As Frank said, the best entrepreneurs use their own initiative more than anything else. So if you need someone to hold your hand and walk you through things step-by-step, entrepreneurship probably isn't for you anyway. (This is also why I'm skeptical of so many step-by-step methods that people seem to hawk around here.)

        But if you just need a little help from time to time, if you need someone to give you a fresh and outside perspective, a mentor can be really helpful. But I do think most people would do better getting regular jobs and learning from senior staff and really paying attention to the ins and outs of how a real business operates than hiring someone to be their coach.
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    I too waited way too long, a couple of years to be exact. Trying everything on my own, I was slowly getting there, but when I gave in and signed up to a top coaching program, I had so many ah hah moments and basically "Got it". I think its the best thing you can do if you want to succeed.

    Good luck!
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    I find a coach right from the beginning because it speed up my learning curve . I'm really glad that I have guy who is helping me and want me to be successful
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    Originally Posted by rudez View Post

    How long did you go before getting a coach and what did it do for your business?
    It changed my whole business that the best thing i did few months ago ,

    Since then i have never looked back ,Hope you too can find someone soon ,Who can inspire you and motivate you to do things which you once thought were impossible

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    I had no idea what to do back when I started I just knew it was possible. Right from the start, I just looked for a mentor and found one. I bought his courses and books and studied it hard to the point where I was surprised at how much I learned and how much I've grown.

    It really boils down to being humble enough to accept that we don't know it all and there are people out there who may be doing better than us despite thinking that we're good at something. It's being humble enough to ask and accept help from others. That's what really changed my life. I don't always implement everything I hear, but I do listen and from there, I evaluate whether that person is credible enough or not for me to take time implementing a certain strategy.
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    I actually got a coach right from the get go.

    It made a tremendous impact on my business.

    'Every Coach needs a Coach'

    STILL Being coached by the 'same' Marketer. He is a marketing genius.
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  • I had a bunch over coaches over the years when I started I refused to pay waited months not when I get into something new i move quicker to get help and cut the learning curve down.

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      To all those who learned from a mentor:
      How did you find your mentor? How much did you pay him? What did you learn?
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    Originally Posted by rudez View Post

    How long did you go before getting a coach and what did it do for your business?
    Never had one but I had Mentors here at Warrior that helped greatly.

    I think it can definitely help . But you need to be very selective when searching for one

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    It took me about 8 months figuring out things on my own but then I realized the importance of a system and a coach who can teach you step by step how you can proceed.
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    Thanks everyone for your responses. I appreciate it. I was curious because like many, I take pride in learning and developing my skills on my own. At the same time, having a mentor who can reveal some of the unknown tips, strategies and secrets will save major time/money. Great discussion.
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    Like everyone else, I took forever to get a coach.

    I was getting no where until I got mine...From there, I was making hundreds a week.

    Just this week I found that I made $1,304 in the first week of Feb.

    Getting a coach will speed up your online marketing journey. It's proven to work if you get the right coach.
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    Well, I feel like every ebook and book I've read was a form of coaching by the author, but if you mean 1-on-1 coaching, I'm still going.
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    I used to learn everything I needed by myself but now I understand there's a stage when I need someone's help.
    Maybe some of you guys could advice me some coach on affiiliate marketing.
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    Too long.. I don't remember the actual length, but you can make it without a coach, but it makes it so much more easier with one, even if its just someone to bounce ideas off of and to have conversations with
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