Need advice: i have $2000 monthly budget but dont know how to spend to get traffic

by fxstay
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i changed my website cms from pligg to wordpress and redirect all internal pages to the homepage i want to get traffic and have $2000 monthly budget but dont know how spend the amount to get best result ?

i mean if you were me how you split budget on content creation, content marketing , link building , PPC and other things to get targeted traffic ?

i must say i need some fast traffic [ like PPC for example ] so i must split some of budget to get fast traffic.

my site is 8 years old site pure Forex website below, the new content i submitted to the site get rank in top 100 of google for low competitive keywords

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    Well, if you want to buy traffic then to get the greatest ROI you should send people to a page where you can continue the relationship with them.

    So an opt-in page where you collect their emails.

    I notice that you have a members sign up process,

    you would want to get your paid traffic to become members of your site and then email them relevant and valuable information and promotions about your niche

    You should come up with or outsource a high quality Free Gift for them IF they sign up.

    >Just make sure you have proper tracking and A/B testing in place before you buy any traffic so that you know what is working and what is not.

    This software is amazing for that

    Click Magic.

    >Then you might want to invest in getting content outsourced,

    If you can get ranked in google, then great!

    you should find HIGH QUALITY writers to write for your blog

    just make sure you are targeting the right keywords.

    I use Jaxxy for my keyword research

    and a great place to find good writers is here iWriter

    >Just keep it simple, do not over complicate things.

    Do NOT think that you need to spend all that money at once.

    You just start off slow,

    Make sure you are making decision based of off COLD HARD DATA

    especially when you are buy traffic.

    When you see things start to take off and work

    then you can scale up and invest more and more money

    Hope that helped

    ~Mike Vietri
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      what is click magic.
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        Click magic is click tracking software.

        Regarding your $2000 per month budget:

        Are you planning on writing any content yourself?

        Do you arty have a product in place that you want to sell?

        Those of the first two important questions to answer

        If you don't have a product, get one made.

        Mike Hersh has a product creation service that looks pretty good. I haven't tried it myself, but I know that Mike is a standup guy. His creation services here on the forum.

        That will probably eat up your first two months budget.

        But you'll have something to sell.

        After that, you have to think marketing strategy NOT content strategy.

        Content is just a piece of your overall marketing strategy.

        The purpose of content is to move people from cold to warm to hot traffic. That's it.

        You can package and repackage the content all day long in various forms (blog posts, videos, lead magnets etc.) but you have to keep in mind the purpose of content.

        If you don't want to write the content yourself and you are trying to seriously compete in forex, you're looking at at least $100 per blog post for content that will actually move traffic from cold to warm to hot.

        Can you get five dollar forex articles? Sure, if you like spending money for something that isn't going to give you a return.

        But content sitting on the site is worthless and less people see it.

        If I were you, I would hire better content writer's and spend a little less on Facebook ads.

        Instead of targeting random people, I would simply target content to my own audience (that could be email list website custom audience or just fans of your Facebook page) with a five dollar per day strategy spend.

        Then, I would remarket to those people with offers to get them to opt into my email list.

        From there, I would use that email contact information to move them through the cold to warm to hot traffic cycle until they purchased my product.

        Rinse and repeat.

        Applicable for all niches.
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    I definitely recommend you test multiple traffic sources like:

    - PPC (Google, Bing and FB Ads)
    - PPV networks
    - Media / Banner (Sitescout or Buysellads)
    - Solo Ads
    - Content marketing and guest posting
    - Youtube marketing

    You might try any of these strategies with less than $2K. So you can start with smaller budgets, keep tracking of your visitors and ROI, and then scale in on what's working better in your niche.
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    invest in both SEO and ppc (adwords and facebook ads), add more interesting content to the site.

    spy on your on your competitors and analyze their traffic sources and then invest your money to get traffic from those sources.
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    u should share your website in social media such as facebook,google plus,twitter etc....
    And u may think about "ping"
    Good luck !!!
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    According to me, you should use many ways to increase your site traffic & Page rank. There are many ways, you can choose from these. Forum posting, Relevant blog commenting, Article Submission, bookmarking & so on. Thanks for your asking.
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