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Is it possible to find the top affiliates for a certain product on clickbank?

If you can maybe you could look at their websites and see what is working for them?

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    Google the product you want, and the best affiliates will come up on top.

    Find the squeeze pages for as many affiliates as you can.

    Use the link: operator in google to see the relative number of inbound links. Top affiliates will have more.

    Check Alexa rankings for their squeeze page as well.

    Edit: Ok, ok I know I am always telling everyone that you cannot depend on the link: operator to tell you the number of links. It only gives you a sample of backlinks. However in this case, we are comparing sites so the one with the biggest sample is still likely the best at IM.
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    As Pete says, the only tool you use is Google and your own brain power.

    There are no tools out there to do the job you want.
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    Agreed, Google and your own brain power are the only ones, nothing in life is ever perfect

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