Who are your top 20 email marketers?

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I'm trying to build a list of the top 20 email marketers.

Who would you consider to be in the top 20?

I'll kick this off by adding the ones I personally follow:

Shaqir Hussyin
Russel Brunson
Vince Reed

Let me know who you think offers the most value to subscribers.

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    andre chaperon
    frank kern

    How to Easily Get 300+ Email Subscribers in the Next 6 Hours
    Why list building no longer works like it used to… and what to do about it

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      Like Matt Bacak and Paul Nicholls

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon, Dave Dee (GKIC).

    The best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

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    There's one email marketer I religiously follow and his name is Ben Settle. He's also an awesome copywriter.
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    I third Ben Settle.
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    When we were looking to revamp our email marketing strategy, I signed up on the mailing lists of a bunch of companies -- on just about any topic imaginable -- to get ideas and inspiration. Just to get started, I looked at who had been getting Webby awards for email marketing but of course I supplemented this list with other companies I found through research, word-of-mouth recommendations or just through my own real life use.

    This isn't to say that the people already mentioned aren't good, but most of them fall squarely within the MMO sphere -- and while I realize that many people on the WF are in MMO niches, personally I find that most of the most innovative and effective marketing (email and otherwise) happens outside of those niches.

    Thus, I looked at newsletters from places like Cook Smarts, and Time Magazine -- none of which were exactly what I was looking to do, but all of which solved addressed challenges that we have. For example, Time Magazine has a ton of content -- how do they curate it, distill it and present it soas not to be overwhelming? Meanwhile Cook Smarts has much less content, but a much stronger focus on marketing their meal plan service. How do they balance the need to engage their users with the need to sell?

    These are just two examples of very different approaches to email marketing we looked at, but it gives you a sense of how we tackled this issue.
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    I recommend you follow:

    Alex Jeffreys
    Chris Farrell
    Gary Vaynerchuk
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    Another vote for Ben Settle
    For The Highest Quality Traffic, Free Sales Funnel And List-Building Consultation, As Well As Free Video Training (No Opt-in),

    Visit www.PopeSolos.com. Results Guaranteed.
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      My all-time favorite is Michael Cheney. Not everybody's cup of tea, but he likes it that way. Doesn't want a list of zombies. Sometimes sends out 5 emails a day. He is a true master, but hold on to your hats. Below is the first few paragraphs of an email I received this afternoon:

      Ever feel like your life
      is just one big deja vu?

      You get up early in the
      morning and guzzle down
      some coffee...

      You travel through
      hours of busy traffic
      to get to your dead
      end job...


      You work all day like
      a zombie...

      Travel through hours of
      busy traffic to get home...

      Plant yourself in front
      of the tv because you
      don't have the energy
      to do much else.

      Before you know it, the
      day it done and it's time
      to go to bed.

      Wake and repeat.

      Every day until you die
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    Cheers for all your help, keep it coming!
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    A few that get read:

    Paul Myers
    Craig Ballantyne
    Terry Dean
    Brian Tracy
    Eric Louviere
    Men's Health Magazine

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