Monetization ideas for Chrome extension.

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Hey there. I'm a programmer and I have released a few different pieces of software. My most popular is a free Chrome extension that adds a bunch of features to a popular image-sharing website.

I'm just looking for some ideas on how I could monetize the extension. A few things I can't do are ads and instituting a mandatory charge to use it (but I could charge for "premium" features).

Without ads, I'm not sure what other ways I could monetize this thing and come here hoping maybe I can get some ideas I may have never considered.
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  • I've always wondered why people make these things, too. There has to be a monetization end to it somehow, or it wouldn't be so big.
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    It's interesting that you say this because it is something that i have run through my head a couple of times before...

    I believe that they do it from brand awareness, and eventually could use that to lauche a chrome extension that is revenue driven.

    However i am not 100% sure, so this is just a logical guess.
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    Thanks for the replies. I will keep trying to come up with ideas.
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    There are many way to monetize the chrome extension like ads, donation, and freemium. But the best way is adds because you earn money in short time. I am also a developer and i used many way to monetization but best way for me is adds. This way is tricky but best.
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      A year passed and nothing changed I thought that adding ads script in the extension- is the most profitable way!
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    Premium features would probably the most common way to monetize.
    Donations, also common.

    You could create a service that gets delivered to a user through your plugin, you could monetize the service completely or make it both free-premium, depending on the features. Buffer does it the same way.
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    I have built some chrome extensions too but I am no longer maintain them for lack of passion.

    However, few days ago I got an ( probably automated ) message in my Inbox ( probably not spam because it was not sent directly to spam folder ) about an opportunity to monetize chrome extensions.

    I don't want to promote that business because I don't know anything about it, but since you search for something that they might seem to offer, I will post their name. It is called Adsverge.

    I think that best way to monetize your extension is to have a link on it that will bring users to your site. This site will be built around the extension and you can offer other products or services ( premium ones ), or you can promote affiliate offers.
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