How to get instant commissions on JV Zoo

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Hi there,

I want to promote Jvzoo products as I was searching for the best products to promote on Jvzoo but I find most products have delayed commissions. How can get instant commssions?
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    You have to prove yourself first. Merchants usually require you to get a few sales before they set you on instant.
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    Yeah it's an "experience thing". It's up to the vendor as to whether or not you get instant commissions. Usually if you prove yourself by sending legit traffic and convert a few sales, they'll offer you instant.
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    build relationships with product creators. I have my product on JVZOO and I require a waiting period to transition from delayed payments to instant, just to cover my back in the event that It gets promoted unethically and I get refund requests. I can see how this will turn off many affiliates but this is why your best bet would be to have a relationship with them.
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    I think delayed commission is a fair option for both buyers and sellers.
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    Usually 50+ sales will allow you to get instant commissions else you'll be on delayed payments.
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    You can find some if you search the network but really when finding products to promote you want somethin with a proven EPC. I like to find products that have an epc of $1 or higher. Most vendors that have that will not give you instant commissions until you have some sales under your belt. Spend the time to find products with high epc's and then learn how to get quality traffic. Seperate yourself from your competition. Get some sales under you of around 20 to 50 and then you can ask for instant commissions.
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      There should be contact options for you to contact the product creator.

      Get a hold of them and explain why you should be given instant payouts.

      It's up to the product creator to decide.

      I typically don't promote anything unless it's instant payout. With so many products to choose from to promote these days, it's really an affiliate's dream.
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    I agree with the other posters. It's extremely risky for the vendor to offer instant commissions. That's why most vendors only offer delayed commissions.
    If you do a good job promoting a product and getting plenty of genuine sales, then you might be able to get instant commissions.
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    If i'm correct first you need to make a few sales and prove you're a legit affiliate then vendors will give you instant commissions.
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      JVZoo merchants have their own stand on whether to consider their affiliate to be paid instantly or delayed. How about Warrior Plus? Anyone has ever experienced getting delayed commissions from W+ merchants? Any W+ merchants here can tell me about this?

      I thought JVZoo and W+ platforms do pay instantly to seller's PayPal whenever an affiliate make sales. Correct me if I am wrong.
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