Make a paypal buy link not show your email?

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Hey everyone,

I have never used paypal directly to sell any of my products so this is new to me. I created a buy it now button then just took the email code to use on my sales page but, the problem is it shows my email address despite clicking an option thats supposed to disguise it.

Anyone have any experience with this? Id rather not have my paypal email used for support or spamming.


- Trevor
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    Try and integrate your payment with paypal Otherwise, use 2CO.
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    Hey Ruddy,

    thanks. Is this the only way to do it? Ive seen others that have company names or there name instead of emails.

    - Trevor
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    I guess you used your email as anchor text. The paypal email link is just a link, you can use any text or image as the anchor.

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    Hey AverageGuy,

    not quite sure what you mean. Doesn't seem to matter what I link it to I get my email address at the top when people goto purchase.

    - Trevor
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    It probably displays your email address once you click on the button rather than in the code?

    If that's the case you need to log into your Paypal account, click on Profile and customise the checkout page with a logo or different email address. I think you can have a trading name displayed only if you're a business.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hey Abul,

    thanks alot I think this is what im looking for.

    - Trevor
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    I took a look in profile does anyone know what it's under? possibly "custom payment pages".

    - Trevor
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    Just upgrade your PayPal account to a business account then you can choose a business name to display instead of your email address.

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    thanks for the infos! coz i need them too.
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    If you have a Personal or Professional account they behave exactly as you describe - they display your e-mail address during the checkout. You need to create a Business account with PayPal to display your company name instead.

    You can, however, create a custom payment page with your Professional account.

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