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guys which is good way for good result from ( PPC VS SEO )
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    You can get good results from both if you know what you're doing.

    To get results from PPC, some of the things you'll you need:

    - a consistent ad budget

    - a high converting opt-in page

    - a good follow-up process

    - the ability to accurately determine who your ads should be targeted to

    To get results from SEO, some of the things you'll need:

    - high quality content that is in-depth (longer posts statistically outperform shorter content)

    - the ability to promote your content effectively to get the initial exposure

    - website that is optimized to enhance user experience (such as fast load speed)

    Also, bear in mind that SEO typically takes months to see any results with, while PPC is almost instant once you target your audience correctly and you have an offer that they want.

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    When I started I did a lot of SEO, and I still will spend a little bit of time optimizing certain blog posts.

    But it's definitely a labour intensive process, and is not free, as many people think.
    It takes time and tools.. both of which have a cost, especially the time.

    Obviously it also depends on what you have to sell and whether you have a good performing sales funnel too.

    Once you know what revenue you get from your average new customer, then I'd suggest you
    work on paid traffic strategies.

    If you find,, as an example, invest $100, and earn $500, then you have a winning combination,
    and great cashflow.. so at that point, just reinvesting a portion of your profits to make more sales is the answer.

    The key is to perfect your traffic strategy funnel through testing. And scale it up once you are convinced its working.
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    PPC results are instant. Organic traffic takes time to build up (SEs don't like too young websites). You should do both. Just white hat SEO however, cause black hat simply doesn't make sense for a serious project in my view. In other words, create content for people and people will come.
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    PPC is for the short term and SEO if for the long term. Both can be highly successful.
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