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by ns17
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Hey warriors I am dropshipping items on EBAY and not getting enough views for my Ebay listings. I am using the right titles for the listings and pricing is also not that high for the products. However still very few views for the ebay listings. How to improve this any suggestions on this. Thanks
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    What are you selling (Well maybe keep that quiet) anyway, maybe the product is not attractive?
    In essence you are paying eBay those high fees to get eyeballs on your offer, i would not spend time or money doing eBay's job, instead look into starting your own ecom store...

    PS! Your question belongs here:
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      Thanks for the reply the product that I am listing is actually a hot selling item on ebay and other websites. Thanks for the suggestion on starting own store however dont you think its difficult to get traffic and trust on your store.

      I hope some admin or moderator will put this thread on the right section now.

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    You can advertise your listing almost in the same ways that you advertise a website. You can for example use social media to promote your listing, you can use Youtube marketing with links pointing to your listing, you might even try guest posting, but most successful blogs won't accept your listing there (check out the blogs in your niche before you try this one).

    You can join forums in your niche and promote your Ebay listing on your signature, you can create docs relevant to your industry, with links to your listing, and spread them in Slideshare and similar websites.

    Don't Spam in any of these websites or you'll quickly get banned. But as long as you provide good content and value for readers, you can successfully promote your Ebay listing with these strategies.
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    yeah you need to make sure you have the demand for what ever it is your selling. You can do things like ppc and banner advertising to get more traffic from other networks.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    You have to drive traffic to it as if you were promoting items on your own site. Depending on the cost of your items, the high costs of your dropshippers, and backend marketing strategy... you will have to be unique when selecting your paid advertising sources.

    As far as free marketing goes.... i dont know if you sell products all about 1 subject, or multiple subjects. If it's multiple subjects.... you need staff. Good luck.
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    Luckily, every store listed on eBay is included in Google Shopping which drives a huge amount of traffic. Feedback is a huge part of Google's ranking algorithm, so getting and maintaining feedback is huge to driving traffic to your posts. I'm not sure, however, if Google uses only seller ratings alone or if it uses your buyer rating as well. Either way though, getting buyer feedback will adjust your score on eBay which will help build trust and, I believe, may boost your rankings on eBay. So, think about buying some items for cheap to gain a bit of buyer feedback.

    Also be sure to check out Tarapeak and end your listings at the most optimal times. This will pretty much guarantee sales which will then boost your feedback. Just be sure to offer top notch service and you'll be golden.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and tips

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    Set a goal to become "Top Rated" eBay seller.

    Your eBay listings will be place at a better position under "best match" feature.
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