Getting traffic and making about $1 per day - it's a start!

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I started an image blog about 2 months ago - they are all images that I designed so there is no copyright infringement. Currently, I am getting about 6,000+ page views per month and it is increasing every day. The bulk of my traffic comes from Pinterest (I am not currently active on Facebook or Twitter). I am also getting some organic traffic.

I implemented a few Adsense units and on average, I am making about $1 per day. This has only been consistent for the last week so it does give me hope. I realize that $1 per day isn't much but if it stays consistent, my thought is that I can easily scale that up.

I'm also offering a freebie for my optin which I just started about 4-5 days ago and I'm up to over 20 subscribers already, which again may not seem like a lot to most marketers out there but it's a lot for me!

Thirdly, this morning I implemented some Amazon Recommendation Ads which automatically show up at the bottom of all my blog posts.

I was just wondering if anyone out there had any other recommendations for me? Should I be looking at other ways of monetizing? Or should I wait for a few weeks to see if what I'm doing is actually working?
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