need help on finding BEST craigslist posting software

by peacefulwarrior1 3 replies

I was looking to put a job posting on Craigslist. This job posting will be placed in QUITE a few cities every day/every other day.

I have heard of and

I don't want to be blacklisted or kicked off for having ads in numerous cities.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    EZ AD Suite kicks ass over anything else. Check my sig for a free demo.
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    Check out my sig...adsoncraigs works awesome. IF you post enough, your IP does get blocked by CL, in which case, you will need to get a new IP.
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    All posting tools like these basically do the same thing. They help you randomize your ads enough to keep them from getting auto flagged. I personally use adsoncraigs and have had mixed results with it. I can get my ads up and to stick with it yes, but it does take work on my part. No tool out there will automatically do everything for you. If you follow the rules and do as the instructions tell you, most any of these types of tools will work.
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