"Where We Talk About Making Money"

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Just in case you've never really paid much attention
to the front page of the forum..

It very clearly states the purpose of the Main Forum is
"Where We Talk About Making Money"

It seems to me this place is turning into a support forum
for people who are too damed idle to do a little research
and learn to solve their own problems and learn by doing.

If you need to learn how to install a Wordpress plugin, go
to YouTube and find a tutorial video.

If you're having a problem with a specific piece of software
go to the vendors forum or helpdesk.

If you're looking for information on the best product to do
a specific job, go to the product review forum.

If your comment or question is about PPC, SEO, Copywriting
or Joint Ventures... there are specialist forums. Don't complain
that those forums aren't a busy as the main forum when you
are not using them!

If you start a thread ask yourself if the answer will help
other warriors to improve their business.

Remember, members are moderators, we should be setting
a good example for others to follow.

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    John, Whats that got to do with making money?

    Quick...I better turn this into a money making thread.

    Rule 1: Sell stuff

    Take Care,

    Michael Silvester
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    Very well stated! I agree whole heartedly. It seems that the main forum has become the ONLY forum on here.

    Let's put our topics in the places they belong people and let's make this main one what it was originally intended for.
    Ryan Street
    PHP Developer Specializing in WordPress and Magento
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  • You go girl! No, really!

    Highlight the area before the comment to read it...
    "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win." -- misquoting Coach Vince Lombardi
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    Originally Posted by John Taylor View Post

    If you're having a problem with a specific piece of software
    go to the vendors forum or helpdesk.
    I think there are many technical questions asked at the
    Warrior forum which don't necessarily relate to a specific
    piece of software.

    Is there a case for a Technical forum ?

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    Good point John.

    I've noticed that too and answered a lot of those sort of questions, but often I answer them by going to Google and finding the answer - which really is what the poster should have done, so you're spot on.


    nothing to see here.

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      RIGHT ON JOHN!!!

      I even need reminded of this myself sometimes.

      The ones that really get me are the one asking for reviews (some even flat out ask for testimonials).
      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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    Somebody got his Haggis caught in his kilt.

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      John, what exactly does...

      "Where We Talk About Making Money"


      The reason I am asking is simple.

      There are many things required to earn money online, true?

      For example.

      There is the actual niche you are involved in. Some people don't know how
      to find these niches.

      There are the ways to drive traffic to your website in order to make sales.
      Without eyeballs on your offer, there are no sales.

      There is the actual making of a business plan, such as what products to
      sell, do you go wide or deep, do you offer OTOs, upsells, downsells, etc.?
      Do you sell a product or a service? What is involved with each? Both
      require different tools.

      For example, to sell a digital info product you need some way of making
      the product, usually through turning DOCs into PDFs, though there are many
      other ways.

      For services, such as something like an Aweber, that is something that is
      much more involved requiring the use of scripts and other pieces of

      And then of course there is how to go about pricing, which falls under
      your business plan. Knowing what the competition is doing is important.

      What are they offering?

      How much are they charging for it?

      Can you compete at that price level or will you have to offer more value
      to get the same or a higher price.

      I can keep going but I think I've made my point.

      There are numerous topics that can relate to making money.

      And yet, many threads that I honestly believed were about making money
      were moved to other parts of the forum, most specifically, Mind Warriors.

      It seems that anything that has to do with improving yourself, even if it
      involves making money (such as how to budget your time better so as to
      get more done) gets moved there. Even step by step plans, such as one
      thread that was started to show how to put together a simple and
      effective affiliate marketing campaign, was moved there. I can't for the
      life of me understand why.

      As a result, I hardly ever start any threads under the theme of "Do this
      and you'll improve your chances of making some money online" because
      they inevitably get moved from this part of the forum.

      My point is, there is no defining line, that I can see, as far as what
      constitutes "Where We Talk About Making Money".

      So I ask, in all seriousness and not trying to be a smart ass or anything
      like that, what exactly does "Where We Talk About Making Money"

      Because I honestly have no clue anymore.
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      Originally Posted by Zeus66 View Post

      Somebody got his Haggis caught in his kilt.
      Last time I was in Scotland I had some excellent haggis. Don't laugh, but I actually LIKE it.
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    Thank You John.....long over due!

    I'm so glad this point was brought up. I've been trying to answer many of those posts by introducing them to the search feature.....in attempts to get them to seek the answers on their own...
    But many times I've received chilly responses...

    The duplicate threads...posted just days apart...sometimes hours....all asking the same thing run rampant on the main internet markting discussion forum:
    ...Aweber or GetResponse
    ...Best wordpress theme
    ...How do I make money online....etc
    Those questions and many simular ones all have been answered repeatedly already...the answers are not going to change....

    Just do a simple search...or even try scrolling down though last 3 pages to see if what you want to know has been asked already.

    Don't think that no one notices.....we do....

    One can spot a legitimate question from a bogus one in a heart beat...

    It takes less time to google it yourself than to go through the trouble of creating a thread....unless of course your true reason for posting is just to boost your post count...

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      Originally Posted by Jagged View Post

      It takes less time to google it yourself than to go through the trouble of creating a thread....unless of course your true reason for posting is just to boost your post count...
      Reminds me of a thread I read years ago on another forum. It was smaller holiday, so the person opening the thread was wondering if the Post Office was opening.

      I think my eyes started bleeding when I read the thread. First, because she actually posted that question when a quick call to the Post Office or stopping by usps.com would have answered her question. Secondly, people actually started replying to the thread with posts like, "Gee, I never considered it might be closed today!" and "Good question -- now I'm wondering the same thing."

      So, yeah. People who want to get ahead might consider developing a little initiative.

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    Nice John!!!!

    This has become the default room for where to ask anything that belongs nowhere else (or does belong elsewhere)
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    I agree and disagree with your sentiments here. (This is definitely a complicated issue.)

    Now clearly, I often find myself looking through the threads here and wishing many of them weren't there. The same questions over and over again do get a bit boring (and annoying). And, if there is another forum here for the topic, by all means, it should be posted there. Now, here comes the but...


    Sometimes people come in here asking questions that may indeed be simple to find the answer to on their own. But, sometimes when they ask these questions, I am alerted to a new product/service that I didn't already know about, but may be interested in. So, in that sense their post may indeed be helping me in my business, even though they could have figured out how to install it by reading the manual, etc...

    So, do you see the dilemma here? What do you think?


    PS: I do know of some ways to help with this, but they would require some modifications to the forum and layout. Not saying that it should happen, just saying it could. Anyway, Allen knows where to find me if he is interested!
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