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Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that an individual wanted to outsource the entire process of Internet Marketing. Or alternatively had many areas of the business that he wanted to outsource. From the beginning of the process: ie product research, to the end seo of webpage and years worth of mailing list emails.

I suppose the question could be more simply put, what are the steps you take to create a profitable business, what steps in that process can be effectively outsourced, AND what are the best services in your opinion by which to outsource.

I'm hoping that this will help not only myself, but also others who are interested in outsourcing their less appealing jobs to people who will provide quality service.
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    You can find freelancers out there for any project you can think of from start to finish if you wanted. Check out the Warriors For Hire thread here or visit Elance, Sologig, Guru.com, DigitalPoint for resources. I am sure everyone has their opinion on who or what is the best service out there because it seems like its endless sometimes, but I think some research on forums like this one (WF is the best I have found) will prove invaluable as you move forward with your ideas.
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  • The most important thing to do is break down your business into modules or steps. Think of it as setting up a franchise opportunity. You delineate each and every step in your business plan, so that an idiot can execute it.

    Count on idiots executing one or more of your vital steps. Then figure out how to back up the performance of those steps.

    As for resources, oDesk, elance, rentacoder, etc., are just a few of the possibilities. Also, consider targeting the Philippines as an offshore location to investigate. Also, don't discount "Homeshoring" -- using remote workers in Canada and the USA.
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      The top things to outsource really depend upon your product or service. For example, you may be the best person to answer advanced Help Desk tickets if your product needs personalized replies, for instance.

      But if / when you can get away with more automated answers and basic help levels - -like just resending download links or teaching someone how to download and play an audio file, you could outsource your Help Desk ticket replies.

      Some top tasks our clients ask us to help with are here, for ideas on what's popular today:

      [Moving Ahead] Top VA Tasks (See what other internet marketers are doing

      Tip: a top place to find great help is right here in the Warrior forum in many of the forum sections, including this one

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