Using Internet Marketing for MLM

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Which MLM companies opportunities and products work well with Internet Marketing efforts?
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    Let me attempt to answer by dividing MLM companies into two basic categories. 1. Traditional product/service companies 2. Digital product/service companies.

    1. Traditional product/service companies are the most common and recognizable like Amway, MaryKay, ACN, etc. These are harder to promote online because you have a longer selling time horizon. People need time to order products (or use the service) and experience the results. Often you wait on mailing/shipping/delivery etc.

    2. Digital product/service companies are often hybrids like MLSP or Empower Network which train people. They are bit easier because the order/delivery is instant. Users can buy and start using immediately. And the attraction marketing systems are more duplicatable.

    That said, both types can be promoted using attraction marketing recruiting efforts. That's my take.
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    Any MLM can be built online if you have an attraction marketing system (which is really value-based content marketing and/or list building, functionally speaking).

    You offer a valuable opt-in bribe (like a guide to attract leads for your MLM using YouTube) and then you follow up with valuable emails/videos/lessons to build rapport and trust, and then you can build your MLM on the back end.

    I'd like to point out that MLSP is not an MLM company, it's a single-tiered affiliate program that's targeted to help those in the MLM industry by teaching them attraction marketing and providing the tools/templates.

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      I don't see any reason for not using best practices of internet marketing methods for any MLM company. However, for sustainable success, it is absolutely essential that your marketing system is duplicateable across all of your downline levels.

      What I have been doing for my downline is provide them all with an autoresponder training sequence, a marketing guide, and a "quick start" pdf document so they are in profit and building their own downline within 30 days of joining online.
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      Originally Posted by danieldesai View Post

      I'd like to point out that MLSP is not an MLM company, it's a single-tiered affiliate program that's targeted to help those in the MLM industry by teaching them attraction marketing and providing the tools/templates.

      Yes MLSP is a great system to learn online marketing.

      Not too long ago there was a thread regarding whether having a 'coach' is a good idea and if it had an impact on our business.

      I said yes to having a mentor and yes it made a big difference in my online business.

      My coach (for the past 9 years) actually brought Brian Finale (co founder of MLSP) into this industry (with online marketing) and trained him. Brian was just a guy who wanted to become a 'traditional' rockstar. He had a band and just wanted to make money online to 'fund' his band.

      When Brian started looking online for an Internet [make money] deal, he found a 3 line text ad (my coach's ad on Google Adwords back then), clicked on it and got started.

      My coach trained him and the rest was history.

      Another guy who was struggling back then...

      (David Wood founder of Empower Network) found MLSP and learned how to 'market' himself on the internet.

      List of some good Systems to build online skills:

      1- MOBE (Blogger John Chow makes most of his income with this system).

      2- Empower Network (some believe that this system is dying. I beg to differ).

      3- GTTO - A Traffic system and the main product is...traffic. Excellent comp plan.

      4- MLSP - This one is a system teaching you attraction marketing and it can be used as an income vehicle too. Comp plan built in.

      A lot of marketers on warrior shun these type of systems because they deal with [MMO] and have downlines ETC.

      However, it was in using systems like these where I learned how to 'market' myself online.
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    There are many MLM companies you can promote and advertise by using internet marketing strategies. Some MLMS are free, some inexpensive, and some can be a bit costly. At the same time, some are labor-intensive and some more passive. The last one is my favorite.

    However no matter which way(s) you decide to go with your chosen company, you should remember that the primary Internet marketing strategies involve using search engine marketing in some shape, way or form.
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      Originally Posted by Omarkenawy View Post

      ... the primary Internet marketing strategies involve using search engine marketing in some shape, way or form.
      This is not even close to being true. Most of the best internet marketing strategies have nothing to do with search engines.
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    I agree with some of the other responses here. IMHO any MLM can be done with IM efforts. As mentioned, duplication is going to be KEY. Example: My team has setup a duplication system with capture page already built, follow up sequence done and more. All turnkey setup. Then, you just have to find the leads or drive the traffic.

    Doing what everyone else is doing? You'll get the same results... 97% fail. Are you a sheep or a wolf? My team and I are changing the game. It's not as hard to make it online as you might think. Let's connect and see if we can help you.

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    Scaling is is the key.
    If you can provide to your downline what you are doing yourself in some way shape or form, then it can be done.
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    In term of traditional MLM (marketing physical products), most of multinational companies have their own online system, i.e. they have develop system to facilitate online recruitment. If you are looking to promote this type of business online, you can establish your attraction system by setting up what is called as nerve center, maybe your personal blog or membership site.

    From here you can build your list, scale it up and most importantly your prospects/members must know how to duplicate the system online, meaning they too need to establish their own nerve center. Use your blog to educate them about your products, marketing tips, your achievement inside the program and offer online coaching for them. Setting up your page on facebook can also bring significant value to the marketing effort if you know how to do it. The most important, you need to know how to bring traffic to your blog/membership site using internet marketing.
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