It is important to write perfect english in your blog?

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I'm taking my first steps in the worlds of internet business, i will create my blog to write articles and then sell my ebook.

The biggest problem is that english is not my first language (it is spanish). Everybody understand me when i talk or write in english, but i know that it is not a perfect english.

I wonder how important is to write in a perfect english when you have a blog.
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    It is important. In order to create high quality content, you need to be understood. You can always hire writers to proofread your content or even write for you.
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      No one has perfect English, yet many people make a great living online.

      You don't have to be perfect, but your writing should be easily understood and not offensive.

      If you know that you need help ... get help! Use ghostwriters, outsourced copywriters, proofreaders, whatever it takes.

      You don't have to be perfect but your writing should be very good.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      • It is kinda useful to make yourself understood.

        That way, anythin' you got does not go unobserved.

        Problem is, how to fix this up without an intermediary.

        Prolly you got a ghost of a chance if you can write out thoughts both idiosyncratically an' universally true.

        That is my aim as a shooter into yonder from wispy of ponder.

        Gonna mebbe eat a banana now cos I figure I deserve vitamins.

        Either that, or the next kumquat-laden bat flies past past is toast.

        Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    It would be nice to do so LOL but not required. If you need to use a grammar checker online i suggest you use one. But a good way to side-step the issue is to simply write 1 blog post per day (or however often you want), and look over your article yourself. I don't even think this is strenuous or time consuming enough to hire a proofreader.
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    I think the keyword here is "perfect". I too agree there is no "perfect" website on the planet, but it surely must be, at the very least, understandable. I know I have personally bought products on many websites that definitely weren't perfect, but were good enough to make their point and make the sale.

    I find the best thing to do is to write out your content, reread it and check for spelling and you should be good to go. I do mean reread too! Just doing that will tell you if what you have written makes sense and the flow of the material is good. If it sounds good to you it probably is .....
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    It certainly helps a lot but it's not required.

    The most important thing is that your audience can understand the message you're communicating.

    However, it's much more important if you're doing business to business work for larger / more professional clients.

    If you really need impeccable English for your business you can just hire someone to write your content or proofread what you write.

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    what do you think about writers of
    I got my articles from there, I would like to know if they have perfect english and ssince my english is not perfect I cannot identify the quility of articles!
    what do u think guys?
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      Originally Posted by TheKing7 View Post

      what do you think about writers of
      I got my articles from there, I would like to know if they have perfect english and ssince my english is not perfect I cannot identify the quility of articles!
      what do u think guys?
      How much you pay for a 1.000 words article??

      I never read an article from this site, and i think im not the best guy to say if the english of the article is good or not, maybe you can share some of your post here so somebody can check it.
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        At least your sentences are grammatically correct, easily understood and comprehensible to your reader, you won't need to have "perfect" English to write a blog. If you don't, hiring some native English proofreaders maybe helpful. Articles gigs in Fiverr can help you if writing a quality one is a problem to you.

        What you should care more when writing blogs is your tone, it should be friendly and your content must be engaging to your reader. A quality content deserves this, besides uniqueness and originality of the blog content.
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          FREE TOOLS

          Your word processor has spell and grammar check, but be careful. Sometimes the dang thing is off on a weed trip.

          Online tools are frequently better and since your English is excellent, it will be easy for good corrections and adjustments to be made.

 for grammar and context checking.

          Reverso is another excellent tool.

          There are more, some of which come with word count which is an important aspect of blogging. The average online attention span is around 8 minutes (studies have been performed) which equals between 200-300 words. You can still maintain interest around 400 words, but the instant gratification factor is gone.

          Search 'spellcheck and grammar check'

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    If you can’t write or speak English, you probably won’t be able to build a profitable and wildly successful website.
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    Your pledge processor has spell and syntax check, however be cautious. In some cases the dang thing is off on a weed trip.

    Online instruments are every now and again better and since your English is phenomenal, it will be simple for good revisions and changes in accordance with be made.
    grammar checker, are magnificent free online device.
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    Yes, It is very important if you start writing blog in English. Don't worry, you can correct Grammatical mistakes with the help of google Grammarly tool.
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    There's no such thing as PERFECT ENGLISH.

    There is such a thing as TARGETED ENGLISH however.

    There's a reason why a lot of highly effective salespeople speak and write with 8th grade vocabulary.

    No, it has nothing to do with their English proficiency.

    Instead, it has everything to do with hitting that LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR and being as accessible as possible.
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    If you plan to run your blog as a business and not as a hobby, then a certain standard of English is required. Although the content/methods you are providing may be seen as good value in the eyes of the reader, poor English will cause trust issues and you may find it hard to be taken seriously.

    As well as that poor English does not look professional and the site will struggle to reach its earning potential.

    I would recommend hiring a proofreader or a writer.
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    If I read the content in your blog and I start to wonder, did he mean' t this or that! Then obviously you are going to piss off the reader and they probably would never come back. I am by no means a native English speaker or writer but if can write an article about "how my day went today" and everybody understood my point of view, I have no reason to believe if I couldn't write about any other topic. In online marketing it's about content and figuring how to get the readers who would read that content. Without that all that content is worth nothing. Think about this how much content is out there buried in the google search engines..
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    Apparently the spammer who resurrected this two year old thread got deleted. Nonetheless, while the OP likely won't see any of the responses, the topic is still valid.

    There IS such a thing as perfect English, but most people won't read it and can't write it. Perfectly grammatical English is often stilted and boring.

    Conversational English is better for a blog. If you can be understood easily with spoken conversation, you can write acceptable English blog posts.

    If English isn't your native language, admit it. The OP's English is far better than my smidgen of Spanish. Simply knowing that Spanish is his milk language prepares me for some of the odd-sounding (in English) syntax.
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    i always tell my paid members, my engrisshh, and spelling mistakes made are FREE. naughty but they like it.

    also I do give rewards financial rewards if pepole find a few mistakes, so they like it when I cok it all up. LOL
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    Personally, I'm put off by really bad English. But if the content is superb and there are a few typos and grammar mistakes, I don't care. What's proper English anyway?
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    Yes, it's OK to write content in English for your blog but very important thing is uniqueness and freshness. If your blog has commenting option and you receive good comments from people then I would like to recommend you to reply that people's and say thanks, I will do more better next time. If you do the same then I guarantee you that person you say thanks they will definitely come to your blog again and again in future and they will also refer their friends to visit your blog. This is also a good marketing strategy. You can try this!
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    Personally, I'm put off by really bad English.
    Me too.

    Subtleties can have a big effect on meaning.
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    If you're writing to an English speaking market then yes, your English needs to be good. But why don't you target spanish speaking market? It's the second biggest language in the world after mandarin, you have an audience of hundreds of millions from spain all across the carribbean and south america.

    Trust me, bad English is a massive turnoff for most readers and you're going to struggle to convey complex ideas in a simple way unless you a have a good, native, command of English.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    Having a good grasp of the English language is important if you want your target audience to easily understand what you want to say.

    But like JohnMcCabe said, you don't need to write perfectly in the English language. After all, you're writing a blog post, not a research paper. You just need to write in a way that it's interesting to read

    And if you're still unsure about writing by yourself, don't be afraid to hire a writer or an editor. There are plenty of amazing writers here on Warrior or on Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Onlinejobsph, etc who do writing jobs, and many of them don't have perfect English grammar either.
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