Selling Hostgator hosting by making free websites for people?

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Hello guys! I'm curious about this; I heard some people actually sell Hostgator hosting to people by making them a website for free if they sign up for their Hostgator hosting. Can this be done?

Because I have the developers license with Profit Builder (that awesome landing page and website builder) which means I can make websites for other people, and I looooove making websites with that software. I was thinking if I can make websites for people for free quid pro quo they sign up for my Hostgator hosting that'd be awesome.

Does anyone have any experience with this or know anyone else who do this? Thank you in advance.
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    I can't see why that wouldn't work.

    Go for it, just make sure that people know you are expecting them to buy hosting through

    you of course.

    I wouldn't be worried about whether anyone else is doing this, the less the better for you!

    Good luck!

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      Thank you for the advice; can't wait to try this
      Finance Tips; Money and Reviews (hence the name ReProView. Eh? Eh? Eh?)
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    Rather than have someone sign up for their own account to host sites you build for them, you may want to look at getting a hosting reseller account and have them pay 100% of their monthly hosting fees directly to you.
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    Hey PharmaPunk,

    I actually know of at least 3 marketers who made similar offers like that.

    I've seen 2 people do it with BlueHost, and another with HostGator.

    They just made a compelling offer; I'll build your WordPress site/blog from scratch if you buy hosting through this link (their affiliate link).

    From what I've heard, it's a solid strategy to make yourself stand out from most in the web hosting market as it's incredibly competitive.

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    Hey there,

    This happens all the time. So do beware of such people and fake promises.


    Chintan Mehta

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    Try it and see if it works for you. Don't go off what other people say 100% of the time. But i will say that this sounds like a good idea to test. Good luck.

    It's just that... telling people you'll build a free site for them if they sign up to your Hostgator hosting... isn't exactly *free* for them. Am i missing something or did i read how you would pitch hosting wrong?
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    I have actually been doing this for quite some time now, however, when I first started do it, I wasn't sure if it would be OK with HG, so, I sent them this email:

    I am an affiliate of yours and I am also a website developer.
    I want to offer a service to my new customers that will offer
    a free blog installation and initial setup IF they subscribe to
    your hosting services.

    I understand I must get your permission first, so that is what
    I am emailing you for.

    May I offer a free blog install and setup for those willing to sign
    up as a new HG customer? Would that be ok?
    And here is what I was told. This is copied DIRECTLY from the email response I received from them...

    Thank you for contacting us. Yes, that incentive is fine so long as you give your clients an option to receive your services if they wish to sign up using another host as well. You can make your HostGator option more attractive by perhaps having your services free with HostGator and paid with anyone else, but they have to be able to procure your services with another host.
    So, in order to do this with NO risk of losing your commissions, please make sure you offer your services as a paid service AS WELL.... Kind of a "Purchase our design services for $XXX OR receive a free website by signing up for hosting through our affiliate with HostGator" sort of deal, you know...

    I know this is not what you initially asked for, but figured I would let you know as you wouldn't want to get knee deep into this only to have your commissions snatched out from under you, you know...
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    I don't care how much hostgator pays out on affiliate hosting. I had a terrible experience with them. Their support is the worst support that I have ever experienced since 2005.

    I can't ever sell something to someone else that hasn't worked for me.
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      Originally Posted by Rory Singh View Post

      I don't care how much hostgator pays out on affiliate hosting. I had a terrible experience with them. Their support is the worst support that I have ever experienced since 2005.

      I can't ever sell something to someone else that hasn't worked for me.
      Hey Rory, I couldn't agree with you more, and I ironically, I have had this same exact discussion with a few other people on another forum I frequent and they have the same things to say about HG, but I gotta tell you, as much as I believe you, and I HONESTLY do, I have been with HG for many many years now and I honestly have not had ANY issues with them at all...

      ONE of the problem's is that they are owned by a company called EIG, which is known for buying up other web hosting companies and just totally destroying shit, LOL, but again, I gotta say, I am one of the very fortunate people who honestly has no bad experiences with HG myself.

      And, the many people I have referred to them all seem to continue to be happy with them as well, or happy enough to stay. I also manage many of those sites as well, and no problems there either.

      So, again, not to say I do not believe you, because I do, I know many others who have had the WORST experiences with HG, but for me and my clients, knock on wood, no issues yet.

      As far as their payout, well, they used to be one of the top payers, which, in all honesty, is what originally attracted me to their affiliate program, however, that is one area that has become weak as they are now among the MANY who offer the same exact payout system, so, that is no longer a factor for me, just that I, personally, have never had any issues with them.
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    This strategy has been followed for a while by so many marketers out there, the matter here is how to find clients who want to get their own websites for first time. I think that you can find them by advertising on Craiglist, Usfreeads and other classiefieds ads. Also offline advertising works well with this tactic.
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    Its a nice thing to try, but always make people understand that there're expected to signup and remain on hostgator.
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