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I have been using blog commenting to gain alot of traffic to many of my niche blogs recently, I would now like to share with you just how I use blog commenting to drive quality traffic to my blogs.

As many of you will already know, blog commenting is a great way to improve your search engine rankings by building lots of relevant back links. What alot of people don't realize is blog commenting can also generate quality direct traffic with useful and relevant comments.

When I am browsing the internet I'm always coming across blogs with comments which hold no useful information or relevance what so ever and find it hard to wonder why they are even approved.

EXAMPLE 1 "Hey, great post, name here"

After reading this comment, would you click on this persons link? Didn't think so. You need to make people want to click on your link, you need to give them a good reason.

EXAMPLE 2 : "Hey, I really enjoyed your post and found it really informative, anybody who is not currently using article marketing as a traffic generation option should really take it into consideration. Since I have started using this method I have seen a considerable increase in the traffic to my blog. name here"

As you can see from example 2, your comment has more of a chance of being clicked than in example 1. Not only that but you can almost guarantee your comment will be accepted by the blog owner.

I know alot of people reading this will be using this method already and some may even put it down to common sense. I just wanted to share something with a forum which has given me so much.
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    Let me ask the flip side to this - as someone with web sites that have aged domain names and PR of 3 and above, what's my motivation to let people who are selling the same or similar product put a comment on my site with a link to a competing site?

    I either moderate my site comments - so I can delete the ones like the Example #1 above - or I don't allow comments at all. 90% of the comments are pure, useless crap.

    When I do blog commenting, I actually READ the blog article and the other comments and try to make a useful comment. Sure, it takes longer - but it's less likely to get deleted.
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    Yeah, I do that when I'm just building up a blog. Plus, I make a habit of commenting on most of the blogs I read anyway, because I usually have something to say

    Plus, if you make it a regular habit of posting a comment on the same blog, the blog owner gets to know you, and you've made a possible connection, and even an ALLY. And the regular readers of that blog get to know you, too... as long as you inject your own unique personality into the comment.

    I do tend to think of the long term benefits of commenting - not just for the immediate backlink and traffic.
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    txconx, I think Paul has answered your question, if you feel the people commenting on your blog are genuinely adding content and useful information for your readers then that comment is worth more than the few hits you will send back to their blog/site.

    People commenting on your blog are adding rich and unique content for the search engines to crawl and index within your site.

    You may also find after posting useful information on blogs relevant to your niche, those blog owners may also do the same with your blog. Don't frown upon this, as Paul also mentioned, you may even manage to conjure up a partnership with that blog owner.

    Paul, you are right and the long term benefits of blog commenting are huge, I just wanted to help others get on the right path and help them get a few extra hits
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      I wouldn't approve your comment on my blog.
      Why would I pass on valuable pagerank to your site? Yes, nofollow does pass Pagerank. If you don't believe it ask Matt.

      Instead write posts that add value, offer a solution or something similar.
      I rarely approve comments with links, because they are promoting way too obvious.

      Edit: I still honor your intention that you want to give something back Keep it coming

      Get help with your online ventures and keep growing your web assets: www.webmaster.net

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    depends on the blog you are looking at; if it gets considerable traffic; you want to leave a great comment and plan it out; if its just for a backlink and there's little traffic; then its best to leave something quick and get out
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    Blogs commenting doesn't mean just for passing the link but readers should share their opinion about the write up or must add extra information to make the blog more useful for the readers.
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    I am also using this method to generate traffic to my blogs.I always read the blog frame an idea of the blog and then try to add some constructive comments to the blog so that there is less chance of it getting deleted by the blog owner.
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