Help I want to Transfer a domain to a new host

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I have an active domain and I don't want too much downtime. Can I do it?
The new host says that I should park the domain in the meantime?
Also in the process I have to unlock and get an authorization code - the old host must know what I'm trying to do - these processes must raise all kinds of flags?

Any suggestions?


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    If you're just transferring the domain name from one
    registrar to the other, it's relatively simple. You must
    pay a fee and it's done for you. No downtime.

    If you're transferring your content, old hosting and
    new hosting might assist, but I doubt it. Make sure
    you have backups of everything just in case and be
    prepared to do all the work uploading your content.
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    Hang on, it sounds like you're talking about 2 different things here.

    You need to unlock your domain and get an authorization code to move it to a new registrar.

    But that's not the same as moving your site to a new host, where you just need to change the name server settings.

    Do you understand the difference?



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      Transfering a domain from one registrar to another is not very simple due to the registrars reluctance. They often disagree to give the authorization code.

      I have faced this problem before and again two days back I had to face it for a clients site. Finally I kept the domain with the old registrar and changed the Hosting to another provider. I shifted the name servers.

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    When you say "authorization code", you mean registrar, right? That's different from host, unless you use the same company for both.

    If you are transfering website to antoher host (not domain name to another registrar), just give your new host the account name/password to the old host, the new host should take it from there. If you are using cPanel, it's real easy.

    In the mean time, you can login cpanel of your old host, and take a complete backup and download to your PC, just in case.


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      Most hosts require a person to keep the domain for 60 days before transferring it to another host.
      "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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        Thanks for all the replies!
        I don't want to pay hosting at two hosts. I only want one host - the new host.
        If I change the name of the nameservers on the old host to those of the new host do I still have to pay for hosting on the old host? Here is where I get confused.

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          Please, please, please... be sure that you completely understand what you are doing before you start any of this.

          Domain names and website hosting are 2 separate things and can (and should) be managed independently of each other.

          I would recommend that you NEVER use your hosting company to register your domain name. It has been proven time and time again to cause problems. If you have already used your web hosting company to register the domain name for you, the first thing I would do is to begin a transfer of just the domain name to a separate domain registrar. I personally use GoDaddy, but know that other have had good luck with NameCheap.

          Once your domain is moved, moving your website host is an easy process that should end up with little or no downtime. It is crucial that you first have full control of your domain name though separate from your website host.

          To move your website host, you first need to setup your website at the new host while leaving your old website host in place. There is always some lag time in domain name changes because any domain changes have to "propagate" throughout the internet to various servers. So, there will be a period of time where some servers will have the new data about your domain while other servers have the old data. This is usually less than 48 hours. But, if you want to experience no downtime, then you need to have your site running on both the old and new website host for a short period of time while the domain name changes propagate.

          So, setup your new website host and setup your site there. Then go back to your domain name manager and change the nameservers on the domain to point to the website at the new web host. Then, after about 48 hours, you can kill the site at your old website host.

          This should result in a smooth transition with no downtime.

          Another important thing to keep in mind is email. When you change website hosts, you will generally be changing email hosts if you are using email addresses that are on your domain. If you don't want to lose any emails along the way. Make sure that you can log into your old email server by IP address directly, so that you can get any emails that may have come in during the transition period and ended up on the old server instead of the new one, because once the domain name change propagates to your ISPs DNS server, you (personally) will be hitting your website on the new host including trying to access your email server (if you're using an email address on your own domain).

          Moving a website is not an UN-complicated thing. There are many things to consider if downtime and email loss are an important factor. If you are not completely comfortable with handling these types of things yourself, I would highly recommend that you consult a professional.

          I hope that's helpful. Good luck
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