Is having domain names with other than .com a good idea?

by OPL
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There is a bunch of different one you can have but just wondering if they are harder to rank or something?

Lets say I got

Bad idea?
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    how many .tips sites have you seen in the serps? If all you are going after is SEO traffic then I would stick with a .com, .net or a .org
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    While the poster before me is for sure right, I would assume you mostly see .com domains ranking high, because its just the common domain extension. If there are 1000 .com domains an 1 .tip, then its - just by chance - a lot more common for the .com to be in the SERP

    Correlation does not mean causation!

    But I might also be wrong here, however, just going from "I see .com more often" to ".com ranks easier" might be problematic :-)

    However, most people go for .com domains as they are often seen as "normal" by visitors and because if the .com is already taken, the .xyz domain is not that unique anymore.

    Personal Note: I only register domains where I can get .com for :-)
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    Any of them will rank but there's a trust factor with a .com you don't get with other other tld's. To put it another way you don't see big companies have websites with .info's and .tips etc. They go for .com's ,'s etc. but as for ranking it doesn't actually matter at all.
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    Originally Posted by OPL View Post

    There is a bunch of different one you can have but just wondering if they are harder to rank or something?

    Lets say I got

    Bad idea?
    I personally stick with the .com and .net. I see no need to use the new TLDs. Both .com and .net allow you to have a good branding name that can rank.

    .com is still the king, so I use it when I can. If it's already taken, I go with the .net.
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    There is a bunch of different one you can have but just wondering if they are harder to rank or something?
    If SEO is your only criteria then .com still rules.
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    Personally, I only use .com or .net

    Domains ending in .info and .biz tend to be abused by spammers so I suspect that Google may not regard them as favorably as the more "trustworthy" domains.

    However, there are still instances where domains with unusual endings still end up ranking highly, see more here:

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      I agree with some of the previous posts,and the use of .com still connotes a kind of credibility, at least for businesses, that some other extensions might lack. Nevertheless, I am not aware of any SEO ranking penalties for other extensions. I've had a few .info names that ranked fairly well. It is the domain name sales aftermarket where .com is king and where resale values are much higher than other extensions. If you aren't planning on flipping your domain name in the next year or two, I wouldn't worry about it.

      Leaving .biz et al aside, don't forget about all the country code extensions and the emergence of all the excellent branding extensions that are becoming more commonplace. Certainly not everybody's cup of tea, but you might want to think about them. Here's a current list provided at
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        First off: It has been tested and proven that domain endings don't have any factor in SEO rankings whatsoever. People who try to tell you otherwise are just wrong. That's a fact.

        Now, is it a good idea to have another ending than .com? Depends, where does your traffic come from? What kind of site is it and should people remember your website?
        If all you have on your website is a squeeze page or a sales page and some download pages you can save some money by using another TLD than .com. Some are cheaper and if you don't plan on creating an authority site why pay more? People either sign up/buy or leave. They don't need to come back over and over again, specially if you retarget them.

        Besides saving up to $9 a year there is however no advantage in using anything else than .com (unless your site is not in english or you target only local people.)

        I always go for .com, if it's not available I look for another domain name until I found a good .com domain. I've always found one so far :-)
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  • You can make millions of dollars with a non .com and if anyone tells you that that is not true is a a L#@$@#. Now it might be harder but it's true.
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    Though the .com domain expense is high than any other extension. But is the best one also. Such as if one type the domain name in the address bar then hit the Enter Key, the .com will come automatically. Most of the people are using this one for business purpose. Thanks for your interest.


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      .com's are use by companies because they are easier to remember in their branding. If they say their website on TV or radio they want short .com URL's for ease of remembering.

      I have .review, .biz and a .guru all ranked in Google first page top 5 because I have good content and some nice PNB links to a few of them.

      Is a .com easier to rank. I have no idea but I have seen no proof that it is or that it is not.
      .com's fill the first page simply because there are more than any other domain extension.
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    In a way it doesn't matter - all that matters if the direct traffic that you send to the link. You don't have to stick with SEO. If you're positively obsessed with the link format (.tips).... cloak the link behind a frame page LOL. In truth though, use good marketing instead of a notion that you could get more sales using other than ".com".
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    So it doesn't matter which domain ending/extension you choose? Am I correct here?
    Don't you thin people will click more on a .guru domain than a .com domain?
    Don't they think that's higher authority?
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    Personally I like .com's but if your from another country outside the USA you may want to consider getting that domain as well NOT instead of. J

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