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More shoppers thinking twice in the checkout line

Web retailers have always grappled with high abandonment rates because of confusion and technology glitches. Plus shoppers are less invested in the process because they didn't have to drive anywhere. But even online stores say orphaning has escalated.

Internet research company Forrester Research estimates as much as 59 percent of online purchases are being dumped during checkout. Those rates had ranged from 47 percent to 53 percent in the past six years, according to industry surveys.

Full story: More shoppers thinking twice in the checkout line - Bay News 9
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    I worry a little about what will happen when people realize what 'adsby google' means. Most people might eventually realize what links and ads are... at the moment many people haven't a clue and often think it's a link to another part of the site!
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    lol Most companies see much higher abandonment rates than 59%... 75%-80% is the norm for most.

    All we can do is split test order pages and make things as comforting and streamlined as we can for potential customers.

    Adding pictures of locks, reinstating money back guarantee and adding testimonials are all things that can help lower your shopping cart abandonment rate... but not many test or touch their carts at all.

    JELL, i'm a little confused what google ads have to do with this?

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