Help!! I need a second opinion

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Where do i go, and how much should i expect to pay to have my website reviewed/tested?? for usability, conversion etc etc.

I have been punished by Google lately for unknown reasons and would like to take the opportunity to get my site a bit better while the traffic has all but stopped!

I appreciate any help and advice from everyone.

Thanks Matt
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    You're not giving enough info. Whats your website ? Let people here take a look, maybe you can resubmit it to Google after you fix things
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      I'm too new(not enough posts) to add it in as a link...

      web address=

      I'm not sure why i have been "sandboxed" one of my blog posts still ranks quite well??

      I have started using traffic bug to help things along.

      My whole goal is to provide free info about mortgages/loans/strategies etc
      with the benefit of being able to help out in this area(provide finance)

      So my goals=

      1)Provide free info
      2)Generate leads(for finance approvals)
      3) build a list through subscriptions to blog etc
      4) I'm in the process of having a free audio download to help build a list,(struggling to host it on website....)

      Like said before i am dead keen for all opinions and hope i could helps others one day!!

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    You're not sandboxed, sandboxed is when you have zero links in the search engine.
    You're site is still indexed, you need to add more content to your site to keep it ranking.
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      I started out ranking about 88th for my search term, then slowly got it up to 42nd(still embarrassing i know) however its now about 213th!! (it dropped in one go!!)
      is adding new content going to make that bigger difference?

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    I'm no internet expert but I can tell you that I started a pretty simple blog and the more I wrote, the more I showed up on the 1st page of Google so it sure seems to work that way. I was not even trying .. and there I was.
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      Yes i agree, im just confused as to why i have dropped so fast, i have been told it "google dance" however it has now been about 4 weeks!!

      So yes i will have to step up the adding of content.

      Any other reasons?

      Also- how do i get my website reviewed etc, so i can get others ideas/veiws on how to improve looks, usability, conversion?

      Thanks again Matt
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    I don't know what keywords you're trying to rank for but maybe you can change the title that appears in the browser to " Investment Morgtage in Australia" or something similar. Focus your content on a few key phrases that people are likely to type into Google with the name Australia in it. You can also help yourself out by listing your buisness for free on Google Local Business Center . If you haven't already
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      That was so easy, google is the best. They may be sending me down the rankings however their software and user interface is still tops.

      Thanks for your help.
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    Yes, change it around a bit and add more content..........
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    Add longer pages this has serious weight.

    Get more links, stop panicking and work hard.

    Stop researching answers and build links

    ...and write more content (and build links)
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