Do You Have A Blog? Opt-ins On Blog.

by simmonsmike7 6 replies
If you have a blog, where do you place the opt-in box?

Here are some options:

- Pop-up on open
- Pop-up on exit
- Opt-in box in header next to logo
- Opt-in box above category list
- Opt-in box at the bottom somwhere
- Opt-in box all the way to the right, towards the top somwhere

What do you guys think?
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  • Profile picture of the author Edward J Turner

    The LARGE majority of Blog owners have their opt-in form in the right or left sidebar. The problem is that very few Blog visitors bother to subscribe...especially since they are not forced or incentivized.

    Rather than where, how about WHEN should the opt-in form be displayed to the Blog visitor? Should it be a forced opt-in or passive opt-in?

    A partner and I have created a sophisticated script / plug-in for Wordpress that is ultra flexible in when the "blog squeeze page" should be displayed.

    We'll be releasing it in less than two weeks, and there will be a video that shows all the different features and options we packed into this script.

    You can PM me if you want to be alerted when it's released.


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    You missed an option. You can encourage people to opt in
    using forced continuity. My Reverse Squeeze plugin allows
    you to set the number of posts that your reader can see
    before they must optin.

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      Originally Posted by John Taylor View Post

      You missed an option. You can encourage people to opt in
      using forced continuity. My Reverse Squeeze plugin allows
      you to set the number of posts that your reader can see
      before they must optin.


      That looks way cool.

      I assume you could use your plug-in to show any type of HTML content, right? Not just the email sign up form.

      Seems to me that could be integrated with some kind of paid blog also so that after a few posts they would be shown a paid sign up form.

      Just a thought.


      PS I know lots of membership management programs will show snippets, but this just got me thinking, that's all.
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    Incentivizing with a free e-book of relevant information is the way I prefer to go with my blogs.

    I'll discuss a given topic and then direct them to an opt-in page with quality free information after they provide their e-mail on this page.
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      I've also used optins below one or two posts as the gift relates to the post. I found that I got more optins per visitor when it was directly below the post they were already reading and the optin was somehow tied to the post. I didn't do this for every post, just a select few but I tried to make sure that there was always one on the front page of the blog that had 3 posts listed.
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      • Profile picture of the author Kym Robinson
        I have a couple of ways to optin on my blog - one is an optin box to a newsletter and the other is a link to free ebook downloads.

        John - I like the idea of your wp plugin - I just wonder if you can tell me what stats you've got on that - I mostly wonder whether having to optin to read further may be a deterant to stay on page?

        I would like more info on that and also on the release of your plugin Ed.

        Anyway - in answer to the question - opt in links at top and then an optin box a little further down the sidebar!
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