Do you offer installment payments for digital products?

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I'm looking for shopping cart that will allow me to offer installment payments for digital products. My products start at $300 and go up from there, and my customers are requesting payment options.

Cart66 would allow this, but they don't seem to integrate with any email providers. I'm currently using Aweber. Cart66 appears to integrate with Mailchimp from the information on their home page, but after emailing someone there it appears this is incorrect. I'm at a loss on this one and I would rather not use MailChimp.

If you're offering installment payments for digital products, what shopping cart or system do you use? I would really like a hosted cart that will store my products and deliver them, but at this point (I've been searching for a solution for days) I'm willing to consider other options that a non-techie would be able to handle.

Thanks for your input!
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    A Paypal subscription, with a fixed number of payments... IS an installment purchase.

    Almost any cart supports Paypal and/or, you could simply create a subscription button on the Paypal site, and paste button into your sales page.

    Sid Hale
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      Hello, Sid.

      Yes, I am aware that I can offer subscription payments through paypal. But, I'm looking for a hosted cart, which means I have to use that cart's buttons. Maybe there's a way to change the button code so that it will still do what it needs to do (fetch a digital product and deliver it to the customer) AND it will connect with paypal's subscription payments. But, if there is a way to do that I'm not tech savvy enough to do it. In fact, I'm not tech savvy at all.

      I contacted Aweber support and they have suggested I have an app created. I'm looking into this now. Aweber has an open API (whatever that is) that will integrate with any 3rd party application. Not sure how it all works but they gave me a link so I can find someone who knows Aweber and could create such an app.

      I'm looking into it now.
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    If I am not wrong PayPal does have this feature named "Buy Now and Pay later" option. however this option is available for buyers from certain countries. I assume so.
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    What purpose does aweber serve for a shopping cart? Why is aweber even involved?

    If you're using email for generating sales leads just link to the shopping cart or paypal from the email.
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      Yukon - I currently sell an ebook and because it's a small file I am able to host it on my WP site. When someone buys the ebook, they click a Paypal button. Paypal then takes their payment, directs them to a private download page on my site, and also adds them to my Aweber list automatically.

      With my newest product, the file is too large to host on my WP account. So, I have been looking for a hosted shopping cart that would host the file, deliver it to customers, and integrate with Aweber so it will automatically add people to my list just like the set-up I have for my ebook.

      So, that's what Aweber has to do with my shopping cart.

      I don't want to send people to the product from the email. I want to add people to my list when they make a purchase.
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        The hosted cart isn't necessary...

        Originally Posted by Imamarketer2 View Post

        With my newest product, the file is too large to host on my WP account. So, I have been looking for a hosted shopping cart that would host the file, deliver it to customers, and integrate with Aweber so it will automatically add people to my list just like the set-up I have for my ebook.
        and it sounds like you're jumping through hoops just for the ability to host your product somewhere other than on your own web host.

        Think about this...
        the current download page for your ebook has a link on the page to actually download the book. It might be a URL ending in .pdf (which would open the book right in the customers browser), or it might end in .zip (which would then download the book to any location on their local hard drive).

        That same download page could just as easily contain a link to your newest product, hosted on Amazon S3. The download page would still be on your own web site, but the actual download file(s) would reside on the Amazon server. The only difference is that the download link (url) would point your download file on the Amazon server, rather than to a file on your own web server.

        easy peasy.

        If you want to get more sophisticated, the folder in your Amazon account can also be marked as "private" and there are simple scripts available that will interface with Amazon to give limited time access to the person clicking on your download link. That way, if someone shares the URL of the download page (or even the actual Amazon download link), the download link won't work so you will have decreased the potential for piracy of your downloads.

        Sid Hale
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    You should check out You can do whatever you want payment-wise and set it up so it can be monthly, every week, or whatever you want! It's a pretty awesome service and only runs about $30-ish per month!

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    If you ever need to you can call paypal support and they can guide you through it. They will be glad to help because it's more money they will make as well. So don't be afraid to call them and other shopping cart companies to see what they can do for you.

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      Depend on product ...if it's type of thing like ..web development you can go with but not where core method is single point like for coaching etc stuff
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    Sid Hale - Thank you for your well written response. I completely understand what you're saying and I did think of that. But, I can't make heads or tails of Amazon S3. It clearly isn't for the non-techie. I've been to their website a couple of times and I don't understand what they're offering or their pricing.

    I realize there are other places I could store my files, but I worry about security with someplace like dropbox.

    Also, there's the support issue. If someone doesn't get their file or some other technical thing happens, it would be up to me to figure it out and fix it. While many of these issues might be simple, I worry about the ones that aren't. And I don't have time to be a support person.

    I really want a simple, all in one solution. Host and deliver my files, and let me use paypal for both one-off purchases and recurring payments. And as a bonus, it would be great if I could also offer tangible products and services.

    Mattdawg841 - Thank you for responding. I looked into 1ShoppingCart and decided against it.

    Google the reviews on it and you'll see why. They charge for support, and when you sign up they automatically enroll you in a program that costs $124 to $134 depending on which plan you go with. They don't have this stated up front. You have to click the "fine print" link, located at the very bottom of the page, to find it. I only found it because I did my research and thanks to someone's blog post they alerted me to it. You can cancel the service during your trial period, but if you don't they charge you. I'm not sure but I assume that's in addition to the $34 a month you would pay. And then if you want support that's at least another $10 a month. So, 1ShoppingCart really isn't so cheap and from what I've read the service is pretty bad.

    Socialsite - Thanks. I've been emailing. But calling is good too! I think I'll give that a try with CloudNet360 tomorrow. Email takes too much time.

    Pawandave - Like I said above, I need a hosted cart. I am planning to offer services soon, in addition to the products and courses I currently offer.
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