Is press release still relevant

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Hi just a quick question

Can I make affiliate sale creating press release and submiting them to press release

website. I heard that it does not work well but was good back in the days.
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    Press releases still work but only the paid ones (like PRWeb).

    Also, you're not likely to get any press releases accepted if you're directly linking to affiliate products, and even if you do, you're not going to get your money's worth unless you're building an email list first.

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    Generally, press releases don't rank as well as they used to.
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      Press Releases are excellent if you go through companies who would actively and legitimately syndicate your content to thousands of online news outlets and send an actual report of how many times your press release was picked up by news outlets!

      A really reputable online press release platform that actually gets results is Press Advantage - from what I have heard they also have excellent writers and reasonable pricing compared to other available services!

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    Press releases still work, obviously, but not for your intentions. So no, I wouldn't try to get affiliates sales this way.
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    I know one website, IBO Tool Box, that's thriving on press release until today. They have built a huge community of start up marketers, and the interactions are good. But you're right, the content are no longer ranking on the search engines.

    Turn your passion into profits.

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    Yes, it is still valuable, but make sure you publish press release is about your product not about your organization. Put all the details of your new service in press release.

    Try to make it informative not promotional
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    Yes You can
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    Press releases DO still work.
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