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Hi there,

I'm coming out with a how-to e-book on photography. This e-book will have text and videos.The videos are not 100% stand-alone and usually need the text from the e-book to make complete sense of.

When it comes to the vidoes, here's the dilemma I'm facing:

1. Host the vidoes using Vimeo Pro and keep them restricted. Access only to the people who buy the e-book.

2. Host them on YouTube and make them accessible to the public. At the end of each video, mention the e-book.

The first strategy is pretty straight-forward but denies me the chance for organic marketing.

The second one may have an impact on credibility but since the videos are not totally enough by themselves, can allow me to use the video content for marketing too.

Which one do you think is better?

Thank you.
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    I think the second strategy is well worth trying because users today believe in free stuff more than something for which they have to pay.

    Especially, users will take anything associated with YouTube.

    Once they start believing in your free stuff and follow you, they would not mind spending to get your paid stuff.

    Freemium is always the best model to go about, with basics offered for free and option provided to users for paid advanced stuff.


    Chintan Mehta

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