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I'm creating a website that I plan on flipping. Some of the content will be embedded videos (ones that I am creating myself, not PLR videos). I plan on hosting on YouTube. From what I've read on the forums here, you can't sell a channel. However, is it considered still selling a channel if a person buys a website, which is connected to a particular channel?

The person will get the fully developed website and domain. I would like to do this on a separate YouTube channel that's dedicated just to that website. That way, should the person decide to add their own videos, they'll already have a YouTube account for the site.

By doing it as I've stated, would that still be considered selling a channel? If this would be a violation of the YouTube TOS, I'm open to suggestions on how to do this the legal way.
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    I'm open to suggestions on how to do this the legal way
    Contact Youtube.
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    Just create a gmail account that's connected to your youtube channel... Hand over the whole gmail account when sell the website.
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    Re-create your OWN original videos, and get a flash (flv, swf) uploader to upload and embed them directly into the website for sale. You dont need to use Youtube at all for this, plus registering them an account at Youtube at your (free) expense sounds risky. But ask support at Youtube and see if you're allowed to do this.

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