How do I start making money online without capital

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How do I start making money online without capital
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    Originally Posted by esmaeelsoma View Post

    How do I start making money online without capital
    It's pretty difficult.

    If you can't afford hosting or a domain you could try making a FB fanpage, marketing it, then promoting affiliate links.

    You could try getting a free blog somewhere but I don't think many of them allow you to use affiliate links.

    Hosting + a domain is like 10$ a month, so.
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      GOOD NEWS esmaeelsoma!

      Both Blogspot (free) and Wordpress (free version) allow advertising.
      Blogspot is a Google product, meaning it's a great free way to get started by doing research and writing articles about a product you want to promote with Google AdSense targeted ads in your side bar.

      Here is a very helpful article by Harsh Agrawat at ShoutMeLoud to get you started:
      How To Create A Free Blog On the BlogSpot Blogging Platform

      Go here to learn about AdSense:
      Your guide to AdSense
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      Please which hosting site charges $10 for domain name and hosting per month?I need it.
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    How do I start making money online without capital
    A lot of tedious, time consuming, mind numbing work.

    You would be better off to get a job and save some money to invest.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      A lot of tedious, time consuming, mind numbing work.

      You would be better off to get a job and save some money to invest.

      --Starting a business is easier if you have vast reserves of cash,
      it's possible to build a successful business from the ground up with smarts, perseverance, and dedication even if you aren't loaded.

      -If you're prepared to work hard and learn from your failures, you have the once-in-a-lifetime chance of building a successful business you can proudly call your own.

      -Keep your current job.
      Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
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    I have just signed up with this forum. I think it is lively and awesome
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    dear esmaeelsoma, a minimum of initial capital you have to invest, you have to buy the domain, you have to make a blog or even to make a video on youtube it takes a minimum of expense.
    The investment is minimal if you really going to start this road you have to invest something. good luck

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    Helo esmaeelsoma,
    In order to make a living online, you usually need at least a domain and hosting service.
    However you always have the option to engage yourself with freelancing websites like Upwork, Elance
    etc. if you have some ability that you can sell.

    Finally there is Fiverr. You can browser the different things that people do for 5$ and try to find which suits you best.
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    You need some money to start your online business.Say $100 will give you good start to setup your basic business,

    Moderator's Note: Affiliate link not allowed. Please edit.

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    You'll be better off if you invest at least $15 (or even less) into getting a domain name for one year.

    A domain name will at least allow you to cloak and forward to affiliate links so they won't look spammy.

    You can then create YouTube videos to drive traffic to your domain name; this is actually how I first started making money with affiliate marketing.

    Once you earn some commissions, you'll want to invest in building a website and an email list.

    If you can afford just $30/month, I advise you to build your website and email list from the start.

    Work extra hours at your job if you have to get the money for this small investment.

    Another option is to offer any skills you have as a freelancer.

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    Here is what I suggest:

    Get a part time job, and take the money you earn from it put it right into your online business.

    You can't live off of a part time job alone (typically) so you might as well give it your all into this online business and invest as much of your income into it to build it quickly, (quicker to be correct).
    "There comes a time when people get tired."
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    Use the search bar in this forum and get all the answers you can ever handle.
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    Get Access At
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    I would definitely begin with affiliate marketing. It is my suggestion that any new person that wants to make money on the internet begin right there. All the tools you need to get started are all free, affiliate programs are free, and you can even begin building a list in your chosen niche for free.

    Just the other day, I answer this very question on my ]warrior blog.

    I titled it "How to make money Broke"... and lots of it. Check it out the idea may help.
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      The question you are asking is like asking "How do I start a money making business without capital?" The answer may be - partner up with someone who has the money to invest in a business and you do all the work and then you can split the profits of the business!

      Bottom line is in order to make real money online, you have to have a money making system in place that will actually make sense to you but first you have to get the knowledge of how to do it!

      You can gain the knowledge by trial and error (very time consuming) or by learning from someone who has already done it and is successfully making money online!

      There is definitely a whole lotta money that can be make online, and the internet right now is the place to be if you want to make real passive income - by using high converting sales systems!

      To get you started I will PM you an important tool that helped me gain the knowledge I needed to get results online! I hope it helps!

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    That's great that you're trying to start an online business! Congrats

    Definitely don't listen to the people who say that it can't be done without any capital…because it can! In fact, that's exactly how I started and I've made over $600 today alone!

    Anyways, the simplest way would be to start a Facebook Fan Page about whatever niche you're trying to go into. After that, join as many FB groups as possible about that same niche. Start commenting, posting and inviting people to like your fan page.

    What will happen is that you'll start to get a bunch of likes. This is good…

    You can then start recommending affiliate products on your fan page (disperse in between awesome content) and people will start to buy them through your affiliate link!

    Easy peasy! Cost…a couple hours per day tops!

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    You can start with selling your skills as a freelancer on fiverr.

    No capital, no listing fees
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    Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance.
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  • Profile picture of the author Isaiah Jackson
    Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance.

    Start offering services to people
    Controversial Free Report Reveals - Cutting Edged Strategy That Made $1,448 In 28 Days From A Tiny List Of 188 Subscribers. - Click Here For More Info
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    with $, will be eaiser.

    But do not let the NO money stop you.

    If you have more FREE time and no money, you are going to have to WORK things out so you can send all the FREE traffic you can to your squeeze page, and then when you start making profits, start putting as much money as you can towards your business, and BUYING paid traffic in the forms of

    Intergration marketing,
    solo ads,
    Google ads,
    7search [low quality ppc]
    youtube video ads, [paid very good]
    Gemini [yahoo]

    These are some of the ones we use, and get FANTASTIC results.

    get good at one or two and you can kill it online.

    start off small, TEST, TEST and then keep doing what works.

    Hope this helps.
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    If you must start out spending no money, than affiliate marketing is the way to go.
    Of course, you will eventually have to start investing money into your business, if you want to start
    seeing better results.

    Either way, you'll either be spending time (free methods) or money (paid methods) to advertise and build your business.
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    If you spend like $10 you can make your website ready after that you dont need to really spend anything.
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    You will either need the proper skill set or money. If you have neither, it isn't going to work.
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      I did it 8 years ago. But I highly recommend to splurge for a few bucks a month with hosting and a domain and Autoresponder.

      If you cannot divvy up the $20 a month you need to reconsider going in business for yourself

      - Robert Andrew
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    Develop a skill that is in demand and provide it to those who need it. Some skills that are demand include, writing, copy-writing, graphic design, music production, video production. Check out a couple freelance sites and you will see what services are in demand.
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    You need some skill.. suppose online marketing skills or design and other related skills.Than its easy to make money online..
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    Originally Posted by esmaeelsoma View Post

    How do I start making money online without capital
    1. People need to know you exist.

    That's the first and only thing you should be worrying about.

    Who can you help? How can you get in front of them?

    At no cost you can phone, email, visit in person.

    2. You need to qualify these prospects, and separate the good ones from the bad. Who needs what you have to offer? Who can afford your help (and the connected question: Who has a problem large enough to warrant your involvement in fixing the problem)? And who has a personality you can work with?


    3. You need to close those who qualify In. Make the sale. Get the order.

    That's it.

    Generate traffic.
    Qualify that traffic In or Out.
    Close those who qualify In.

    You don't need to spend a dollar to accomplish this. And you can do it in a 5-minute phone call, if you know what you're doing.

    You don't even need a website. You don't need 99.9% of the crap people talk about here.
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    There are many ways to earn money from online without investing any amount. Such as you can do blogging. You an can crease an account in the blogger or, wordpress at a free of cost. then make some good, interesting, real, genuine content. No plagiarism, please. Then do some SEO to increase your site visitor. then you can do Adsense or, Affiliate programming or, even you can sell your own products if you have. Thanks for your asking.

    No advertisement.

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    Originally Posted by esmaeelsoma View Post

    How do I start making money online without capital
    You can literally get the tools to start an online business for a $1 for 30 days.

    1) Aweber is free for the first 30 days
    2) JVZoo Host is free for the first 30 days with a coupon
    3) You can easily get domains for $1

    I imagine you can "afford" $1 to get the ball rolling...

    After that you can focus on 100% free traffic.
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    If you have absolutely $0 to invest whatsoever than I would highly suggest you start building a skill and while you do so I suggest getting a job, having $0 in any situation is not a great a idea you need protection and basic necessities in life.

    With that in mind, If you can learn a skill that is not easily duplicated like sales, networking ability or skills you can either build income with or build your own product with(programming languages) then that is a start. If you are serious and really want to be successful you will have to hold yourself accountable from now on and work atleast 10+ hours a day to make this work, if not you will have a hard time.

    Good Luck.
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    If you don't have capital to start making money online and invest in tools, then I really think that you should not even waste your time in doing anything. It takes money to make money. You need funds to get your own domain name, autoresponder, do paid ads, education etc.

    I would get a job and take a portion of it every week and invest in the tools you need.
    Keep Pushing And Never Give Up
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    Sorry but its not possible you can not make money without capital...
    For every big thing you need to have money first.
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      Originally Posted by BacklinkzTopper View Post

      Sorry but its not possible you can not make money without capital...
      For every big thing you need to have money first.
      Not so, dear. I've done well without spending so much as a dime beyond hosting. There are still plenty of beginners starting out without a penny's worth of business investment, otherwise the free site opportunities wouldn't still be thriving. Search 'free web sites' and you'll see what's available.

      The Internet is still the easiest place to make money with no money. Experience helps, but I jumped in without knowing a thing about it and was making money within 3 months.

      It would have been earlier had a done a free mass SE submission thru my web host. Went from 5 visitors avg to 400 overnight (literally) to well over 10,000 page views per day within a year. Each page view is a click-through op for an affiliate marketer.

      All the skills you will ever need are available for free right here in the forum and out there on the Web.

      - Annie
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        There are too many ways too... But main thing is don't switch

        Do two things

        1>> Explore system
        2>> Choose what you love
        3>> Stick to it at least 2 month
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    It's sad when an OP doesn't return to their own thread. I can only presume it's due to the lack of a pot of gold at the end. Nevermind

    A few years ago I played around with this notion as a thought exercise and its not easy.

    I essentially came up several models.

    First as mentioned affiliate marketing.

    Choose a high converting offer and send traffic straight there through social media.

    There are plenty of royalty free graphics around which with a little editing and creativity (using free software) you could use.

    So let's be more specific. My concept was to sign up to several bookies and promote tips and naps on the horses.

    A couple of times a day I'd list the best bets and tell people where then can get the best odds. When punters followed the link and signed up for new accounts I'd get a commission.

    Now I'm no expert in horse racing and wouldn't pretend to be so I would need a solution.

    The idea was really simple. I'd go through the major racing and national newspapers and let people know what the experts were tipping.

    The secret here is to then reinvest so you can buy a domain and hosting. Ipage comes in about the cheapest and has some good offers on PPC vouchers.

    I'd then use somewhere like mythemeshop and grab a free WordPress theme go back to the graphic sites and finish my site off.

    You lifetime earnings per customer will suffer in the first place but you build slowly.

    Each time reinvesting some of your earnings.

    It was never something I was going to do but fun to work out how to do it. I look today and there is plenty of scope for similar ideas.

    Specialist diet receipes linked to a health food store or supermarket affiliate scheme.

    Try and make your content as virally friendly as you can. Try to tie it in to major news or holidays for example

    If you've a receipt for dairy free Easter egg now would be a good time to promote it.
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    Originally Posted by esmaeelsoma View Post

    How do I start making money online without capital
    you either have to have money or time....preferably both. sweat equity is an option too.
    try finding someone who has a product or service you can sell. word of mouth is mostly free. once you have built up some cash you can then put up your own website or hire someone to build it for you small moves.....small Elly's dad said in 'CONTACT'.
    "I simply don't have time right now to procrastinate...I'll do it later"...
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    You can offer freelancing services on freelance sites. Or you can sell things on half .com or Fiverr. Or you can gather up some money to start a real legit business, and take this thing seriously. It's not a game. Just because there isn't a brick or mortar online, the marketing is just as tough - if not tougher. This is not a game for the timid. Go hard, or go back to your job.

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    Originally Posted by esmaeelsoma View Post

    How do I start making money online without capital
    Well then offer something like talent or skill.
    For example, web design, content writing or SEO.
    Making money online

    12BET | Live Casino Malaysia

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