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About to buy sales letter plugins etc.Which one is the best and value for money?
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    Hello pardu,

    Are you about to buy a sales letter template or a plugin?
    If you are going for the latter, WP Sales Letter plugin is more or less the most reliable option.

    However I wouldn't consider it value for money.
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    About to buy sales letter plugins etc.
    Get Optimizepress. It can do it all.
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      I heard it has bugs for latest wordpress release.

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        I'm still using OptimizePress, even with the bugs and it still works fine. It's the only one I have ever used consistently and the bugs will be cleared up quite quickly.
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    I used OptimizePress for a few years but it really wasn't my style. I switched to InstaBuilder which I like a lot better and it's cheaper as far as maintaining the license.

    Of course, most pros would probably recommend ClickFunnels.
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    OptimizePress is good you should have a try with this. I use this since couple of months.
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    I will second instabuilder as well as thriveleads by thrive themes

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    Funny, I've written sales letters on normal web pages and they've done their job just fine.

    Why do you believe you need to spend $100+ to get some basic formatting on your page?

    Do you want your text to be squeezed in towards the middle? Learn the css code for that and use a FREE css modification plugin to do that. Like, 15 minutes of work for a lifetime of reward.

    Do you want a header above your letter? Plenty of free themes will provide that for you.

    I have Optimizepress and have used it for many's great, but I don't see why you "need" something like it. The plugin isn't going to make your sales letters so amazing that people buy just because they're formatted that way; your content has to be great.
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    Sales letter plugins?

    I have never used one. Besides...the sales that I have made up to now are usually made before someone hit my sales page.

    In truth...

    Not everyone who clicks on my ad buy however the ones that do...

    The sales is made before they even click.

    I would suggest that you guys who don't know how to write your own sales letters learn how to do that PLUS good AD Copy.
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